Rc. No.

14819 /E11.D / 2005


21-11 -2008



APM & ES Provisional Seniority list of doctors  in Super Specialties under the control of DME Communicated Reg.




This office Rc.No. 14819/E11/05, Dt. 2.1.06 & 7.2.06.



            In continuation of final seniority list of doctors in Super Specialty subject communicated under reference cited, enclosed is provisional seniority list of Asst. Prof.  in Super Specialty  subjects of newly appointed doctors after the previous list which is herewith communicated and the concerned Principals / Superintendents are requested to do following.


  1. To circulate the seniority lists to all the doctors under their administrative control inviting their objections.


a) The doctors are directed that the objections if any are to be addressed to the Director of Medical Education, A.P. Hyderabad and should be submitted through the concerned Principal / Superintendents, with attestation copies of documents / Service Register in support of their objections / claims on or before 30.11.08.


b) If no objection is received by the date mentioned above, it will be considered that there are no objections and the seniority lists will be finalized basing on the information available / furnished.


  1. To verify the Date of joining as Asst. Prof. of each doctor with reference to the entries made in their respective Service Registers and certify that the same is found correct.


  1. To send the objections received if any with attested copies of documents / Service Register entries in support of those claims / objections by speed post so as to reach office on or before 30.11.08 duly offering their specific remarks on the objections claimed.



  1. To verify that any doctors name working under their control / on leave / on NOC / on Unauthorised absence is missing from the list and if so send their name and particulars as stated in the list.


The Head of the institutions are informed to follow the instructions scrupulously and any deviation in action will be viewed seriously.


Encl: Provisional Sen. List.




    Sd/- Dr. K.N. Sudha Ramana

     Director of Medical Education



// t.c.f.b.o.//







All the Principals of Medical Colleges, in the State.

All the Superintendents of Teaching Hospitals in the State.

Copy to the Chief Information O/o DME, A.P. Hyderabad with a request to keep the seniority list in the web site.

Copy to the E1 section of this office, for information.





Provisional seniority list of Super Specialties ( in continuation of 2005-06 Final sen. List  )
Sl.No.  Name of the doctor Qualification Designation Place of Working Date of Birth Date of Joining as Asst. Prof. Social status
1 Cardiology             
16 Dr.Syed Imamuddin  DM(Card) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd.   2-Nov-06  
17 Dr. Y. Shiva Kumar (DM Card) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. . . .
18 Dr. Anuj Amrit Kapadiya DM(Card) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. . . .
2 C.T. Surgery            
12 Dr. P. Rajendra Prasad (CTS) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd.   1-Aug-06  
13 Dr. Abhijeet M Dashetwar Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 13-Mar-75 10-Nov-06 O.C
3 Endocrinology            
7 Dr.  A. Mythili ,   DM.(Endo.) Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp. 9-Oct-63 5-Mar-06 O.C
8 Dr. K. Neelaveni DM.(Endo.) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd.   10-Mar-06  
4 Gastro-Entrology            
15 Dr. A. Kavitha DM (Gastroentorology.) Asst.Prof. GMC, Gtr 5-Jul-73 24-Nov-06 O.C
16 Dr. L.R.S. Girinadha DM (Gastroentorology.) Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp.   17-Aug-07  
5 Nephrology             
8 Dr.Ch.Rajendraprasad DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 16-Oct-54 6-Feb-06 BC-D
9 Dr. Kiranmayi Ismal DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd.   10-May-06  
10 Dr.G.Prasad DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp.   2-Dec-06 O.C
11 Dr. Dhanalakshmi DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd.   2-May-07  
12 Dr. A. Srinivasa Murthy DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd.      
13 Dr. N. Diwakar Reddy DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd.      
6 Neurology            
16 Dr. Ch. Ramakrishna Rao DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. SMC,VJA 11-Jun-56 3-Oct-06 OC
17 Dr. T.M. Nagesh  DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. SVMC,Tpt 20-May-71 3-Nov-06 BC
18 Dr. S.Gopi DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp. 10-Jul-72 3-Dec-06 BC-A
19 Dr. Ch. Sita Ramu DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd.   21-Feb-08  
20 Dr. N. Sai Samptha Kumar DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. SVMC,Tpt 2-Aug-73 5-Apr-08 BC-B
21 Dr. T. Surya Prabha DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd.      
7 Neuro Surgery             
31 Dr. D. Seshadri Sekhar M.Ch.(Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. GMC, Gtr 28-Sep-61 2-Oct-06 O.C
32 Dr. Ravi K  M.Ch.(Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 15-Jun-71 1-Nov-06 O.C
33 Dr. N. Pratap Kumar M.Ch.(Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 16-Dec-73 2-Nov-06 SC
34 Dr. D. Kodanda Giri Rao M.Ch.(Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. RMC, Kkd 21-May-74 5-Nov-06  
35 Dr. Ram Mohan Naik M.Ch.(Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. KMC, Knl. 25-May-71 7-Jun-07 ST
36 Dr.Syed Abdul Jaleel Kirmani M.Ch.(Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 23-Dec-74   O.C
8 Paed. Surgery            
22 Dr. T. Vittal Mohan Asst.Prof. SVMC,Tpt 25-Aug-71 15-Apr-05 BC
23 Dr.C.Sunil Kumar Reddy Asst.Prof. KMC, Knl. 25-Aug-71 3-Aug-05 O.C
24 Dr. Ch. Bhaskara Rao Asst.Prof. GMC, Gtr   1-May-06  
25 Dr.J.Bhaskar Reddy Asst.Prof. RMC, Kkd 20-Jun-70 1-Aug-06 O.C
26 Dr.V. Leela Kumar Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd.   2-Nov-06  
27 Dr. G. Chalapahi Asst.Prof. KMC, Knl.   3-Nov-06  
28 Dr. V.V. S. Chandrasekharan Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 15-Jun-61 6-Nov-06  
29 Dr. L. Dasaradha Rao Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp.   23-May-07  
30 Dr. K. Jayapal Asst.Prof. GMC, Gtr   20-Aug-07  
9 Plastic Surgery            
19 Dr.P. Rambhopal Rao  Mch (Plastic Surgery Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 11-Jun-70 22-Jun-06 OC
20 Dr.M. Srinivasa Rao  Mch (Plastic Surgery Asst.Prof. KGH, Vsp 14-Feb-71 15-Nov-06 BC
21 Dr. G. Ravindra Reddy  Mch (Plastic Surgery Asst.Prof. SVMC,Tpt 16-Sep-72 9-Nov-06 .
22 Dr. G. Srinivasa Gnaneswar  Mch (Plastic Surgery Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 26-Aug-69 1-Sep-07 BC-B
23 Dr. R. Babu Rao  Mch (Plastic Surgery Asst.Prof. SVMC,Tpt . . .
10 Urology            
31 Dr. M. Sudarsana Rao, M.Ch (Urology) Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp. 1-Jun-63 1-Aug-06 SC
32 Dr. G. Ravi Chander M.Ch (Urology) Asst.Prof. G. Hl.  15-Nov-69 13-Aug-07 O.C
      Sd/- Dr K.N.Sudha Ramana  
      Director of Medical Education  
  // t.c.f.b.o. //