Final  seniority list of Super Specialties 2009 ( in continuation of 2005-06 Final sen. List  )
Sl.No.  Name of the doctor Qualification Designation Place of Working Date of Birth Date of Joining as Asst. Prof. Social status
16 Dr.M.Srinivasrao DM(Card) Asst.Prof. KGH, Vsp. 31-May-71 9-May-05 O.C
17 Dr.Syed Imamuddin  DM(Card) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 6-Jul-66 2-Nov-06 O.C
18 Dr. O. Adikeshava Naidu DM(Card) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 1-Jun-68 23-Feb-07 O.C
19 Dr. D. Srinivasa Rao DM(Card) Asst.Prof. AMC, Vsp 10-Apr-63 1-Aug-08  
20 Dr. B. Adilakshmi DM(Card) Asst.Prof. AMC, Vsp 2-Jun-64 1-Aug-08  
C.T. Surgery
12 Dr. P. Rajendra Prasad Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 3-Apr-61 1-Aug-06  
13 Dr. Abhijeet M Dashetwar Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 13-Mar-75 10-Nov-06 O.C
7 Dr.  A. Mythili ,   DM.(Endo.) Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp. 9-Oct-63 5-Mar-06 O.C
8 Dr. K. Neelaveni DM.(Endo.) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 6-Apr-66 10-Mar-06 O.C
15 Dr. A. Kavitha DM (Gastroentorology.) Asst.Prof. GMC, Gtr 5-Mar-73 24-Nov-06 O.C
16 Dr. L.R.S. Girinadha DM (Gastroentorology.) Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp. 14-May-74 17-Aug-07 BC-D
8 Dr.Ch.Rajendraprasad DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 6-Aug-58 6-Feb-06 BC-D
9 Dr. A. Srinivasa Murthy DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 8-May-66 19-Apr-06  
10 Dr. Kiranmayi Ismal DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 8-Apr-66 10-May-06 SC
11 Dr.G.Prasad DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp. 14-Jun-66 2-Dec-06 BC-D
12 Dr. Dhanalakshmi DM(Nephrology) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. . 2-May-07  
16 Dr. Ch. Ramakrishna Rao DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. SMC,VJA 11-Jun-56 3-Oct-06 OC
17 Dr. T.M. Nagesh  DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. SVMC,Tpt 20-May-71 3-Nov-06 BC
18 Dr. S.Gopi DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp. 10-Jul-72 3-Dec-06 BC-A
19 Dr. B. Ashok Kumar DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. GGH, Knl. 15-May-74 26-Apr-07 OC
20 Dr. Ch. Sita Ramu DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 1-Oct-59 21-Feb-08  
21 Dr. N. Sai Sampatha Kumar DM (Neuro) Asst.Prof. SVMC,Tpt 2-Aug-73 5-Apr-08 BC-B
Neuro Surgery 
31 Dr. D. Seshadri Sekhar M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. GMC, Gtr 28-Sep-61 2-Oct-06 O.C
32 Dr. Ravi K  M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 15-Jun-71 1-Nov-06 O.C
33 Dr. N. Pratap Kumar M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 16-Dec-73 2-Nov-06 SC
34 Dr. D. Kodanda Giri Rao M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. RMC, Kkd 21-May-74 5-Nov-06  
35 Dr.Syed Abdul Jaleel Kirmani M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 23-Dec-74 10-Nov-06 O.C
36 Dr. Ram Mohan Naik M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) Asst.Prof. KMC, Knl. 25-May-71 7-Jun-07 ST
Paed. Surgery
22 Dr. T. Vittal Mohan Asst.Prof. SVMC,Tpt 25-Aug-71 15-Apr-05 BC
23 Dr.C.Sunil Kumar Reddy Asst.Prof. KMC, Knl. 25-Aug-71 3-Aug-05 O.C
24 Dr. Ch. Bhaskara Rao Asst.Prof. GMC, Gtr 15-Aug-06 1-May-06 BC-A
25 Dr.J.Bhaskar Reddy Asst.Prof. RMC, Kkd 20-Jun-70 1-Aug-06 O.C
26 Dr. K.V. Satyanarayana Asst.Prof. N.Hl. Hyd. 10-Dec-66 2-Nov-06 O.C
27 Dr.V. Leela Kumar Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 5-Nov-68 2-Nov-06 O.C
28 Dr. S. Srinivas Asst.Prof. N.Hl. Hyd. 27-Oct-73 2-Nov-06  
29 Dr. G. Chalapahi Asst.Prof. KMC, Knl. 5-Jun-68 3-Nov-06 SC
30 Dr. V.V. S. Chandrasekharan Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 15-Jun-61 6-Nov-06  
31 Dr. L. Dasaradha Rao Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp. 20-Jun-61 23-May-07 BC-A
32 Dr. K. Jayapal Asst.Prof. GMC, Gtr 1-Aug-66 20-Aug-07 SC
Plastic Surgery
19 Dr. R. Babu Rao  Mch  (Plastic Surgery ) Asst.Prof. SVMC,Tpt 15-Apr-76 10-Feb-06 SC
20 Dr.P. Rambhopal Rao  Mch  (Plastic Surgery ) Asst.Prof. OMC, Hyd. 11-Jun-70 22-Jun-06 OC
21 Manjula Bai M  Mch  (Plastic Surgery ) Asst.Prof. KMC, Knl 21-Jun-1969 2-Sep-2006 ST
22 Dr. G. Ravindra Reddy  Mch  (Plastic Surgery ) Asst.Prof. SVMC,Tpt 16-Sep-72 9-Nov-06  
23 Dr.M. Srinivasa Rao  Mch  (Plastic Surgery ) Asst.Prof. KGH, Vsp 14-Feb-71 15-Nov-06 BC
24 Dr. G. Srinivasa Gnaneswar  Mch  (Plastic Surgery ) Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 26-Aug-69 1-Sep-07 BC-B
25 Dr.G.Rangaswamy  Mch  (Plastic Surgery ) Asst.Prof. GMC, Sec'bad 23.1.70 28-Aug-08 BC-B
31 Dr. M. Sudarsana Rao, M.Ch (Urology) Asst.Prof. AMC,Vsp. 1-Jun-63 1-Aug-06 SC
32 Dr. G. Ravi Chander M.Ch (Urology) Asst.Prof. G. Hl.  15-Nov-69 13-Aug-07 O.C
33 Dr. P.T. Ravi Chander M.Ch (Urology) Asst.Prof. GMC, Gtr.   1-Nov-08  

                                                                                        Dr. K.N. Sudha Ramana

                                                                                                Sd/- Director of Medical Education
// t.c.f.b.o.//