The AP Government Employee's Loans Medical Attendance & Family Welfare Code
The Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance Rules, 1972
                    MEDICAL ATTENDANCE RULES
        The Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance
                        Rules, 1972
1.       Short  title :--These rules may be  called  the  "Andhra
Pradesh Medical Attendance Rules,1972.
2.       Extent  of Application :-(a) They shall  extend  to  the
whole of the State of Andhra Pradesh.
(2) These rules also apply to persons who are entitled to medical
attendance  under  the  Secretary  of  State  Services   (Medical
Attendance)   Rules,  1938,  the  All  India  Services   (Medical
Attendance)  Rules,  1954 and also to the  Andhra  Pradesh  State
Higher  Judicial Officers who are to be treated on par  with  the
I.A.S. and I.P.S. Officers, but only to the extent to which  they
are not inconsistent with these rules. .
3.       Definitions :- In these rules unless there  is  anything
repugnant in the subject or context -
(1)    "Government Servant" means a whole time Government Servant
employed under the Government of Andhra Pradesh and includes such
servants  employed under State Governments with  whom  reciprocal
agreements  in  respect of medical attendance have  been  entered
into, but does not include part time or honorary workers ;
(2)     "Hospital" means a Government Hospital and  includes  any
Special  Hospital in the State or any other  Medical  Institution
recognised by the Government.
Note  :-Non-gazetted Officers and Employees of the  local  bodies
drawing salaries not exceeding Rs. 300 per mensem in the  greater
Hyderabad city are permitted to take treatment for their families
in the Maternity and Child Welfare Centres of the Corporation  of
Hyderabad  only  in  emergencies and  get  reimbursement  of  the
expenses incurred by them, the emergency being certified as  such
by the Medical Officer in charge of the Centre;
(3)      "Registered   Medical  Practitioner"  means   a   person
registered  under  the  Madras  Medical  Registration  Act,  1914
adopted   to   Andhra  State;  and  the  Andhra   Ayurvedic   and
Homoeopathic  Medical Practitioners' Registration Act,  1956  and
the  Medical Act No. 1 of 1312 Fasli of the  erstwhile  Hyderabad
(4)     "Authorised  Medical Attendant" means a  Medical  Officer
attached  to the Government Hospital or Dispensary in  the  State
who  has been nominated by the Government, from time to time,  to
Serve as Authorised Medical Attendant for the State Government
Servants ;
[A  list  of  Authorised Medical  Attendants,  appointed  by  the
Government is given in Appendix I to these Rules.]
(5)    "Patient" means a Government Servant or any member of  his
family and to whom these rules apply and who has fallen ill ;
(6)    "Station" means the town or place in which the  Government
Servant and other entitled person falls ill ;
(7)     "Family" :-(a) In the case of a male Government  Servant,
family means his parents, wife, legitimate children including  an
adopted son and step Children residing with and wholly  dependent
on him ;
(b)  In  the  case of a woman Government  Servant  it  means  her
parents, husband and children residing with and wholly  dependent
on her.
(i)     The word 'wife' includes more than one wife.
(ii)     The claims for reimbursement of expenses in  respect  of
parents  should  be accompanied by declaration  in  the  proforma
given below.
I, .................................................. (full  name
and      designation)      hereby      declare      that       my
father/mother.....................has  no property or  income  of
his/her own and that he/she is wholly dependent on me.
                                            Signature and date.
(iii)  A  married  daughter who is under the  protection  of  her
husband  does  not  come within the definition  of  "family"  for
purposes of these rules.
(iv)  The  deserted,  divorced,  or  widowed  daughters  who  are
residing  with entirely dependent on the Government Servants  and
Employees of local bodies drawing salaries not exceeding Rs.  300
per  month  are  eligible  for  medical  concessions  allowed  to
Government Servants under these rules.
(v) Their family for purpose of these rules will include adoptive
parents  who are wholly dependent on the Government Servants  but
does  not  include  the  real parents,  though  they  are  wholly
dependant  on  the  Government  Servants  once  the  adoption  is
effected].  [G.O.Ms.No.  123, Health, Dt. 25-11-76  &  G.O.Ms.No.
718, Health, Dt. 18-7-1975]
(vi)  Medical  reimbursement  bills of the Member  of  the  State
Legislature can be presented directly to the District Treasury or
Sub-treasury  as the case may be, from which they are  authorised
to draw their salaries; on the basis of essentiality  certificate
issued by the Authorised Medical Attendant without insisting  for
the countersignature of the District Medical and Health  Officer,
or Superintendent as the case may be.]
[Inserted by G.O.Ms.No.418, H&M, Dt. 26-6-1979]
(8)      "Well-to-do-person" means a person who is in receipt  of
an annual income of Rs.  1,200 or more or who is a member of  the
family of such a person and actually dependent on him.
4.      Medical Attendance :-(1) Medical Attendance in respect of
a  Government  Servant whose pay is not less  than Rs.  500  p.m.
means :-
(i)  Attendance  in a hospital or at the consulting room  of  the
Authorised  Medical  Attendant or at the residence of  the  Govt.
(ii)  All pathological, bacteriological, radiological  and  other
methods  of  examination  for the purpose of  diagnosis,  as  are
available  in  any Government Hospital within the State  and  are
considered necessary by the Authorised Medical Attendant ;
(iii)  Any  consultation with a Specialist in  Government  employ
within the State or other Medical Officer similarly in Government
employ within the State or that the Authorised Medical  Attendant
may certify to be necessary to such extent and in such manner  as
the  Specialist  or  Medical Officer  in  consultation  with  the
Authorised Medical Attendant, determine.
(2)      Medical  Attendance in respect of any  other  Government
Servant, means-
(i) Attendance at a Government Hospital or at the consulting room
of  the Authorised Medical Attendant or in case of illness  which
compels  the  patient  to be confined to his  residence,  at  the
residence of the Government Servant;
(ii)  All methods of examination for purposes of  diagnosis  that
are available in the nearest Government Hospital.
(iii) Any consultation with a Specialist or other Medical Officer
stationed in the State that the Authorised Medical Attendant  may
certify to be necessary, to such extent and in such manner as the
Special Officer may, in consultation with the Authorised  Medical
Attendant, determine ;
(3)      There  will  be cases of not  infrequent  occurrence  in
which,  it  will be proper for the medical officer to  visit  the
Government  Servant  in  receipt of  salaries  under  Rupees  one
hundred  at  their residences. The Government trust to  the  good
sense and good feeling of the medical profession in preference to
laying down any precise rules for such cases.
(4)     It should be distinctly understood that a medical officer
will  not  be  expected to attend a  Government  Servant  at  his
residence  unless the patient is unable to wait upon the  medical
officer  either at the latter's residence or his consulting  room
or till such time as may be appointed by the Medical Officer  for
the purpose ;
(5)     Medical Officers who are Authorised Medical Attendants to
the  Government Servants, should not charge any  consultation  or
other   fees  from  the  Government  Servants  for  the   Medical
Attendance rendered to them.
5. Medical Treatment :-Medical Treatment means use of all medical
and  surgical facilities available at the Government Hospital  in
which the patient is treated and includes :-
(1)       Employment  of  such   pathological,   bacteriological,
radiological  or  other methods of investigation,  etc.,  as  are
considered necessary by the Authorised Medical Attendant ;
(2)      Supply of such medicines, special or ordinary  vaccines,
sera or other therapeutic substances as are ordinarily  available
in Government Hospitals in the State ;
[Note  :-Wherever  a Government Servant  consults  an  Authorised
Medical Attendant/ Specialist in the latter's consulting Room and
medicines were prescribed, the Medical Officer of the Secretariat
Dispensary  is  authorised to issue medicines to  the  Government
servant  and  their families of the prescriptions  given  by  the
Authorised  Medical Attendant, Specialist although they  are  not
attached  to  the Secretariat Dispensary. In case  the  medicines
prescribed by the Authorised Medical Attendant/Specialist are not
available  even  at the Secretariat  Dispensary,  the  Government
Servants  may purchase the medicines outside and get  the  amount
spent thereby reimbursed later as per rules. The Medial  Officer,
Secretariat  Dispensary, is not ordinarily bound to purchase  and
supply  the medicines. He will, however, stock all the  necessary
medicines in the dispensary to meet the requirements.] [Added  by
G.O.Ms.No. 1274, M.&H. (Kl), Dt. 29-12-1978]
(3)      Supply  of  such  medicines,  vaccines,  sera  or  other
therapeutic  substances  as  are  not  ordinarily  available   in
Government  Hospitals  as the Authorised  Medical  Attendant  may
certify  in writing to be essential for the recovery or  for  the
prevention of deterioration in the condition of the patient.
(i)  The  refund  of  the cost  of  preparations  which  are  not
medicines but are primarily foods, tonics, toilet preparations or
disinfectants is not admissible under the rules. Prescription  of
expensive   drugs,  tonics,  laxatives  or  other   elegant   and
proprietary  preparations  for  the use  of  Govt.  Servants  and
members  of their families when drugs of equal therapeutic  value
are available in hospital and dispensaries is prohibited. List of
items  for  which  refund is not  admissible  under  the  Medical
Attendance Rules are given in Appendix II.
(ii)  Sales  Tax  paid by Government  Servants  while  purchasing
special medicines from the market is refundable under the  Rules.
Packing  and  postage  charges paid by  Government  Servants  for
purchasing   special   medicines  from   out-stations   are   not
(iii)  All claims for refund of expenses incurred on  account  of
the purchase of the special medicines should be preferred in  the
manner indicated in Appendix III.
[Note :-Bills for small amounts upto Rs. 157- at a time need  not
be  countersigned  by the Authorised Medical Attendant.  In  such
cases,  Essentiality Certificate should specifically mention  the
names  and quantum of medicines required. Also, that  certificate
should be marked as cancelled while the bill is submitted so that
it cannot be used again.]
[Added by G.O.Ms.No. 1274, M.&H. (Kl), Dt. 29-12-1978]
(4)    Treatment of confinement cases of a Government Servant and
includes prenatal and post-natal treatment.
Note :- The pre-natal and post-natal treatment can be had at  the
Government Medical Institutions in the State where facilities are
available  and  where no such facilities are available  the  case
should be referred to the concerned nearest Government specialist
by  the Authorised Medical Attendant. These treatments should  be
treated as "other treatment" for which a woman Government Servant
or  the  wife or other members of a male Government  Servant  are
entitled.                (G.O.Ms.No. 1466, Health, Dt. 31-8-1965)
(5)      Such  accommodation  as is ordinarily  provided  in  the
Hospital and is suited to the status of a Government Servant with
reference to his pay as indicated below :-
(i) Government Servants drawing          "A"class ward.In case
    Rs. 500 and above p.m.                accommodation in"A"
                                          class ward is not
                                          ward.(single rooms
                                          with/without attached
(ii) Other Government Servants            "B"class ward(cement
     drawing Rs. 250-499 p.m.              or wooden partitioned
(iii) Government Servants Rs.            "C"class ward(curtained
      100-244 p.m.                          drawing cubicles).
(iv)  Government Servants                   General ward.
      drawing below Rs. 100 p.m.
                         (G.O.Ms.No. 1382, Health, Dt. 9-4-1964)
(6)     Such nursing as is ordinarily available provided  in  the
hospital  and is suited to his status and includes  such  special
nursing  as  the  Authorised Medical  Attendant  may  certify  in
writing to be essential for the recovery or for the prevention of
serious deterioration in the condition of the Government Servant.
If  at  all a Government Servant requires extra  nursing  he  may
engage an attendant at his own cost.
(7)     Such diet as is ordinarily provided to other patients  in
the hospital.
Note  :-This  concession is applicable only to  the  Non-Gazetted
Officers and Employees of local bodies drawing pay not  exceeding
Rs. 300 and members of their families.
(8)    Blood transfusion service.
(9)    Provision of ambulance service wherever necessary for  the
transport of the patient to the Hospital.
Note  (1)  :-Charges  paid  to  hospital,  ambulance  or  to  the
ambulance  of  a  social service organisation  (if  there  is  no
ambulance   attached  to  the  local  Government  Hospital)   are
reimbursed  on  production  of a  certificate  from  the  medical
attendant   that   the   use   of   ambulance   was    necessary.
(G.O.Ms.No. 1466, Health, Dt. 31-8-1956)
Note   (2)  :-[The  cost  of  artificial  limbs,  hearing   aids,
corrective glasses, artificial teeth and invalid chairs,  charges
are reimbursable to the eligible patients who are entitled to the
facilities for sanction of medical reimbursement].
(Subs,  by G.O.Ms.No. 175, H.M. & F.W., Dt. 7-3-1990 w.e.f.  1-3-
Note  (3)  :-Under  Rule  5  (9) cost  of  pace  marked  and  its
replacement charges are reimbursable.
(G.O.Ms.No. 502, Health, Dt. 8-8-1978)
6. Persons entitled to free medical treatment :-(i) The following
persons are entitled to free medical attendance :-
(a)      All Government Servants under the rule making powers  of
the  Government  of  Andhra Pradesh  subject  to  the  conditions
specified  in  these rules, Government Servants are  entitled  to
free medical attendance irrespective of whether they are on  duty
or on leave, anywhere in the State.
(b)      Employees   of  the  Local  Bodies   (Zilla   Parishads,
Municipalities,   Panchayat  Samithis  and  Panchayats)   drawing
salaries not exceeding Rs. 3007- p.m.
The  Employees  of  Zilla Grandhalaya Samsthas  drawing  pay  not
exceeding  Rs.  3007  -  p.m.  are  eligible  for  free   medical
attendance in the Government Hospitals in the State.
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 915, Health, Dt. 8-7-1975)
Note (1):-Families of Government Servants and Employees of  Local
Bodies  drawing pay not exceeding Rs. 3007- p.m. are eligible  to
free  medical  attendance  and  the  rules  shall  apply  mutatis
mutandis to them as they apply to the Government Servant himself.
(2)     All the N.G.Os. and members of Local Bodies  drawing  pay
not  exceeding Rs. 300/- p.m. and members of their families  when
admitted  to State Government Medical Institutions  are  exempted
from  payment of diet charges and the entire cost of special  and
expensive drugs administered to them.
(3)     Employees of Local Bodies who are drawing more  than  Rs.
300  p.m.  as they will be treated as members of the  public  and
charges collected from them as per rules.
(4)      Law Officers viz., (Advocate-General, State  Prosecutor,
State   Counsel,  Government  Pleader  and  Public   Prosecutor),
President, Chairman and Members of Local Bodies, Reserve Bank  of
India  and Currency Officers and Retired Government Servants  are
not entitled to free medical attendance.
Note  :-These rules are applicable to the Local Bodies  Employees
who    are    drawing    pay    not    exceeding    Rs.    300/-.
(G.O.Ms.No. 699, M.& H, Dt. 23-7-1976)
(c)     Members of the State Legislature.
(d)    Village Officers and Servants.
(e)      Officers  of  the Hind Kusht Nivaran  Sangh  working  in
Government Medical Institutions.
(f)      Honorary  Medical  Officers, House  Surgeons  and  House
Physicians  employed  in  Government  Hospitals  in  the   State,
Students  of  Government  Medical Colleges in  the  State,  Nurse
Pupils,  Auxiliary Nurse-Midwives and Health Visitors  undergoing
training and Gramsevak Trainees.
Note  :-Students  in Medical Colleges include also  the  students
undergoing courses in such colleges, such as Sanitary Inspectors,
Auxiliary Health Workers, etc.
(g)     Persons appointed under emergency provisions in the posts
carrying  a  fixed  or time scale of pay, only so  long  as  they
continue  in  service during the period of their treatment  in  a
Government Medical Institution.
(h)     Retired  and re-employed pensioners  (Gazetted  and  Non-
Gazetted), (i)     Government Servants under suspension.
(j)  Menials  in  the service of both the  Government  and  Local
Bodies who are paid from contingencies on monthly basis.
(k)    The work-charged establishment of all departments. Note \-
Casual  and daily paid workers are not eligible for free  medical
(1)  The  staff  employed  in the Office  of  the  State  Welfare
Advisory  Board, Hyderabad and the Welfare Extension Projects  in
the districts drawing a pay not exceeding Rs. 300 p.m. and  their
families will be given the same privileges in respect of  medical
attendance,  treatment  and  accommodation  including  the   diet
charges and administration of special and expensive drugs as  are
allowed  to  the  employees  of  local  bodies  drawing  pay  not
exceeding Rs. 300 p.m.
(m)  The  disabled personnel from the Defence  Services  will  be
given free treatment including diet and specialised treatment  in
the  general wards of Government Hospitals irrespective of  their
(n) Sportsmen representing the State of Andhra Pradesh in  Inter-
State  tournaments at Government expenses, shall be  entitled  to
the  privileges  under Rule 10 of the Chapter on par  with  State
Government Servants.
Note  :-If  any such personnel are admitted in A, B and  C  class
warqs  or  in other special wards, the usual  charges  should  be
levied, but the Government will be prepared to consider the grant
of  concessions in individual cases on the recommendation of  the
Director of Medical and Health Services.
(a)     Telangana System of giving free treatment to the patients
in  General wards is extended to all Government Hospitals in  the
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 80, Health, Dt. 24-1-1976)
(b)     All Freedom Fighters who are drawing pension either  from
State      Government/Central     Government/Union      Territory
Administration  in respect of their income and  their  dependants
are  eligible  for free medical treatment  and  accommodation  in
Government Hospitals on par with members of the Legislature.
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 652, M.&H., Dt. 8-7-1976)
(ii)    Rulers of the Merged States and their families and  their
personal staff:-
(a)  The rulers of the Merged States and their families  will  be
treated  on  par  with  the members of  the  Secretary  of  State
Services for urposes of free medical attendance and treatment and
the  provisions of the Secretary of State Services (M.A.)  Rules,
1938   except   those  relating  to  travelling   allowance   and
reimbursement  of  any cost incurred in respect  of  the  medical
advice obtained by them will apply to them.
(b)  The  personal staff of the Rulers of the Merged  States  and
their  families will be given the same privileges in  respect  of
medical attendance, treatment and accommodation as are allowed to
Government   Servants  under  the  rule-making  powers   of   the
7. Arrangements tor Free Medical Attendance :-(1) All  Government
Servants  and  other  entitled personnel are  eligible  for  free
medical  attendance in the Government Hospitals in the State  and
to the extent specified in Rule 4 above.
(2) Persons entitled to treatment free of charge in any hospital,
shall  produce before the hospital authorities an  identification
certificate  signed  by the Department or by a  Gazetted  Officer
dealing  with establishment matters or by the Head of the  Office
in which they are working in the following form :-
                   Identification Certificate
Name of the Officer/Official...........................
Accommodation to which the
Officer/Official is entitled
in Government Hospital................................
Station -:
Date :
                               Signature and Designation the Head
                                       of the Department/Office
In  emergency  cases the above certificate will not  be  insisted
upon  at the time of admission, but the same should  be  produced
within a period of one week.
(3)      In any station where there may be an  Assistant  Surgeon
and  where  there may not be proper hospital  accommodation,  the
duty of such officer should be to attend at their own  residence.
The  Upper  subordinate grades of Government  Servants  including
clerks  whose  appointments are not gazetted  the  latter  paying
conveyance  hire should they reside more than two miles from  the
official  residence of the medical attendant. If the distance  is
such  as to entitle the medical officer to travelling  allowance,
the  amount  is payable by the Government. Should  the  case   be
reported as serious the Civil Surgeon will visit the patient.
(4)     The Medical Officer employed in the following classes  of
Institutions should render free medical attendance to  Government
Servants  at the stations where there are no  Government  Medical
(i) Local Fund and Municipal Institutions for which a  percentage
contribution  is  given  towards  the  pay  of  medical  officers
employed therein.
(ii) Local Fund and Municipal Medical Institutions in respect  of
which  the  Government meet one half of  the  annual  maintenance
(iii)  Local  Fund  and  Municipal  Taluk  Headquarters   Medical
Institutions  in respect of which the Government meet the  entire
or  a  portion  of the salaries of  Government  Medical  Officers
employed in them.
(iv) In places where there are no Government Hospitals, but where
there  are local fund or private hospitals, or dispensaries,  the
Non-Gazetted  Officers and Employees of the Local Bodies  drawing
less  than  Rs.  300/- per mensem and  their  families  may  take
treatment  stratightaway  in  such  institutions  and  that   the
expenditure as incurred by them in that connection including  the
cost  of  special and expensive drugs purchased by  them  on  the
prescription  of  the  doctor in charge of  the  institution,  be
reimbursed  subject  to the production of relevant  vouchers  and
subject  to the scrutiny of the relative bills by the  authorised
medical attendant.
At places where there are no Government or Non-Government Medical
Institutions, Non-Gazetted Oilicers and Employees of Local Bodies
drawing  less  than Rs. 3007- per mensem and their  families  may
avail  themselves  of  the services of local  private  doctor  in
emergencies  where there is no sufficient time for them to go  to
the  nearest  Government  Medical  Institution.  The  expenditure
incurred  by them in that connection will be reimbursed  to  them
subject to the production of relevant vouchers and subject to the
relative  bills by the District Medical Officer concerned and  to
his  certifying  that  the  amount  claimed  is  reasonable   and
expenditure  incurred was necessary. In non-emergent  cases,  the
entitled  personnel  serving in places where  there  are  neither
Government   Medical  Institutions  nor  Non-Government   Medical
Institutions  should go to the Government Medical Institution  or
the Non-Government Medical Institution at the nearest station for
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 208, Health, Dt. 9-2-1955)
(v) (a) The N.G.Os. and the Employees of Local Bodies in stations
where   there  are  no  Government  or   Non-Government   Medical
Institutions  who  seek treatment in an  emergency,  under  Local
Private   doctors   should  in  addition  to   the   essentiality
certificate from the private doctors produce a certificate in the
form   given  hereunder  from  the  nearest  authorised   medical
attendant immediately after they are in a fit condition to travel
to  the  nearest  authorised medical  attendant  who  will  judge
whether  the essentially certificate issued by the local  private
doctor in such cases is a genuine one or not.
"I certify that there are no Government or Non-Government Medical
Institutions            available             in             the
"I     also    certify    that    I    examined    the    patient
and  consider  that  the case in question  is  an  emergency  one
requiring immediate treatment under a local private doctor."
                                       Signature of authorised
                                            Medical Attendant.
(b)     The local private Registered Medical Practitioner  should
prescribe the drugs contained in the lists in Appendix IV as  far
as possible.
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 1585; Health, Dt. 21-9-1956)
8.       Free  of  charges  :-(1)    A  Govt.  Servant  shall  be
entitled free of charges :- (i)     to treatment-
(a)      in such Government Hospital, at or near the place  where
he  falls  ill as can in the opinion of  the  authorised  medical
attendant, provide the necessary and suitable treatment, or
(b)     if  there be no such hospital as is referred to  in  sub-
clause  (a), in such hospital, other than a Government  Hospital,
at  or near that place as can, in the opinion of  the  authorised
medical attendant, provide the necessary and suitable treatment,
(ii)     to  anti-rabic  treatment  at  the  nearest   Government
Hospital providing such treatment.
(2) Where a Government Servant is entitled under sub-rule(l) free
of charge, no treatment in any hospital any amount paid by him on
account of such treatment shall on production of a certificate in
writing  by  authorised  medical  attendant  in  this  behalf  be
reimbursed to him by the Government.
9.(1) If the authorised medical attendant is of the opinion  that
owing  to the absence or remoteness of a suitable hospital or  to
the severity of the illness, a Government Servant cannot be given
treatment  as  provided in clause (1) of Rule 6,  the  Government
Servant may receive treatment at his residence.
(2)    A Government Servant receiving treatment at his  residence
under sub-rule (1), shall be entitled to receive towards the cost
of such treatment as he would have been entitled, free of charge,
to  receive under these rules; if he had not been treated at  his
(3)     Claims for sums admissible under sub-rule (2),  shall  be
accompanied by a Certificate in writing by the authorised medical
attendant stating-(a) his reasons for the opinion referred to  in
sub-rule  (1) ; (b) the cost of similar treatment referred to  in
sub-rule (2).
10.     Treatment  outside  the State but within  India  :-(1)  A
Government Servant and other entitled personnel in or  travelling
on  duty,  or on leave, in any place in the  territory  of  India
outside  Andhra  Pradesh  receives  any  medical  attendance  for
himself  or for the members of his family, any reasonable  amount
paid by him on account of such treatment shall, on production  of
a certificate in writing of the medical attendant, be  reimbursed
to him by the Government.
(2)    The Government Servants of this State [and their families]
residing  outside the State on official work and falling  ill  or
otherwise  requiring  medical  attention should  consult  and  be
treated  by  the  "Medical Attendants" authorised  to  treat  the
officers  of equal rank of that State. For the purpose  of  these
rules,  such medical attendants shall be the  Authorised  Medical
Attendants  of  the  State.                           (G.O.Ms.No.
2445, Health, Dt. 16-8-1961)
               [Added by G.O.Ms.No. 1274, M&H (Kl), Dt. 29-12-78]
[Note  :-The  Government  recognise the All  India  Institute  of
Medical   Sciences  and  Wellingdon  Hospital,  New  Delhi,   for
treatment  of the employees of Andhra Pradesh and the members  of
their families at New Delhi, and also those visiting New Delhi.]
            [Added by G.O.Ms.No. 1274, M.&H. (Kl), Dt. 29-12-1978]
(3)     For  receiving  treatment  outside the  State  but  in  a
Government  medical institution of that State (on the  advice  of
the  Authorised  Medical  Attendant)  prior  permission  of   the
Director of Medical and Health Services should be obtained.
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 1792, Health, Dt. 7-6-1963)
(4)     For  receiving treatment outside the State  but    in  an
institution  other than a Government Hospital of that  State  (on
the advice of the Authorised Medical Attendant) prior  permission
of the Government should be obtained.
10.(A) Treatment for Kidney transplantation and Coronary  By-pass
Surgery   by  private  hospitals  within  the  State  :-(1)   The
Government  servants and other entitled personnel  for  treatment
under  the  Rules shall be permitted by the Director  of  Medical
Education  to  undergo Kidney transplantation  operation  in  the
Mahaveer Hospital, Hyderabad and Coronary By-pass Surgery in  the
Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital, Andhra Mahila Sabha, Hyderabad-on the
letter of advice given by the Authorised Medical Attendant in the
Osmania  General Hospital, Hyderabad or the Nizam's Institute  of
Orthopaedics and Specialities, Hyderabad, respectively where  the
above operations are done.
(2)     The  Authorised  Medical  Attendant  in  the   Government
Hospitals  mentioned in sub-rule (1) will issue letter of  advice
only if the said hospital cannot cope with the work load and  the
treatment  of the patients cannot wait till the operations  could
be performed in the said Government Hospital; and
(3)     Those  who  obtain prior permission of  the  Director  of
Medical  Education  and  get admitted to  the  private  hospitals
mentioned in sub-rule(l) for Kidney transplantation and  Coronary
By-pass  ^Surgery  will  be eligible  for  reimbursement  of  all
admissible  expenditure including charges for  accommodation  and
also  for an advance as per the estimates given by the  concerned
hospital undertaking the operation".
              (Inserted by G.O.Ms.No. 317, M&H (Kl), Dt. 7-5-1986)
11.    Consultations with Specialists or Colleagues :-(1) If  the
authorised  medical attendant is of opinion that the case of  the
patient  is  of  such serious or special nature,  as  to  require
medical attendance by some person other than himself or that  the
patient  requires anti-rabic treatment, he may with the  approval
of  the  Director of Medical Services (which  shall  be  obtained
before-hand  unless  the  delay involved entails  danger  to  the
health of the patients)-
(a)      send  the  patient to the nearest  Specialist  or  other
Medical  Officer as provided in clause (c) of Rule 2 by whom,  in
his opinion medical attendance is required for the patient or  in
the case of anti-rabic treatment, to the nearest place where such
treatment is available ; or
(b)     if  the  patient  is  too  ill  to  travel,  summon  such
specialist or other Medical Officer to attend upon the patient.
(2)     A patient sent under clause (a)    of sub-rule (1)  shall
on  production  of  a certificate in writing  by  the  authorised
medical  attendant in this behalf, be entitled to travelling
allowance  for the journeys to and from the headquarters, of  the
Specialist or other Medical Officer or the place where he is sent
for anti-rabic treatment.
(3)    A Specialist or other Medical Officer summoned under  sub-
rule (1), shall on production of a certificate in writing by  the
Authorised  Medical  Attendant  in this behalf,  be  entitled  to
travelling allowance for the journey to and from the place  where
the patient is and also daily allowance according to rules.
12.     Travelling Allowance :-(1) T.A. for  journeys  undertaken
under  Rule 10 shall be at the rates admissible to  a  Government
Servant when on tour.
(2)  A  member  of the family of a Government  Servant  shall  be
entitled  to  travel by a class by which the  Government  Servant
himself is entitled to travel.
13.     Medical  Attendance Charges :-(1)  Charges  for  services
rendered   in  connection  with  but  not  included  in   medical
attendance on, or treatment of a patient entitled to free medical
attendance or treatment under these rules, shall be determined by
the authorised medical attendant and paid by the patient.
(2) If any question arises as to whether any service is  included
in  Medical attendance or treatment, it shall be referred to  the
Government; the decision of the Government shall be final.
14.    Treatment under Indian System of Medicines :-The following
procedure  is  prescribed for getting re-imbursement of  cost  of
medicine  purchased  by  the persons  entitled  to  free  medical
attendance or treatment including   State Gazetted Officers  when
treatment is taken under the indigenous system of medicine either
in the Government Institutions or under private doctors :
(1)     The  bills  relating  to the  modern  medicine,  if  any,
prescribed  by  the  Medical Officer in  private  or  local  fund
institutions  or by the private practitioner will be  scrutinised
by   the authorised medical attendant of the entitled persons  in
cases  where  the  treatment was received, in  a  local  fund  or
private  institution of indigenous medicine and by  the  District
Medical  Officer  concerned  in cases  where  the  treatment  was
received from a private practitioner of indigenous medicine.
(2)     The  bills relating to the indigenous  medicine  will  be
scrutinised  by the medical officer or officers concerned of  the
three respective systems of medicine (Ayurveda, Sidha and  Unani)
employed   in  the  Government  Ayurvedic  Hospital,   Charminar,
Hyderabad to be nominated by the Special Officer of the  Medicine
Department with the approval of the Government.
(3)  If the bills relate to both modern and  indigenous  medicine
they  will  first  be  scrutinised  by  the  authorised   medical
attendant,  or the District Medical Officer, as the case may  be,
in regard to the modern medicine, and then by Medical Officers or
Officers  of  the  Government Ayurvedic  Hospital,  Hyderabad  in
respect of the indigenous medicine.
(4)     The claims in respect of treatment under Indian  Medicine
system  be  sanctioned by the Special  Officer  (Indian  Medicine
Department)  after due scrutiny, wherever claims  are  admissible
under rules. (G.O.Ms.No. 105, Health, Dt. 15-1-1963)
Note  :-(1) Claims for refund of expenses should be preferred  as
detailed in Appendix III.
(2) A list of items for which refund is not admissible under  the
rules is given in Appendix II.
15.  Medical Attendance for Honourable Speaker,  Deputy  Speaker,
Honourable  Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Ministers, etc.,  :-(1)  A
Minister  or  the  Speaker  of  the  Andhra  Pradesh  Legislative
Assembly  or  the  Chairman of  the  Andhra  Pradesh  Legislative
Council  and the Members of his family shall be entitled free  of
charge,  to  accommodation in hospitals maintained by  the  State
Government  and also to medical treatment and attendance  on  the
same  terms and conditions as are applicable to the  officers  of
the  Indian  Administrative  Service  under  All  India  Services
(Medical Attendance) Rules, 1954.
(2)    A Minister or the Speaker or the Chairman and the  members
of  his  family  shall be required  to  furnish  the  certificate
prescribed  in  clause (a) of sub-rule (3) of Rule 8 of  the  All
India Service (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1954 in respect of  his
claims for re-imbursement of the medical expenses allowable under
the said rules for treatment at his residence under circumstances
referred to in Rule 1 of the said rules.
Explanation  :-For the purposes of this rule 'family'  means  the
wife,  son, daughter (including a validly adopted  son,  step-son
and  step-daughter,  father, mother, brother and  sister  of  the
Minister,  or  the  Speaker or the Chairman,  residing  with  and
wholly  dependent on him and not self-supporting  relations)  but
does  not include a married daughter or sister who is  under  her
husband's protection.
(G.O.Ms.No. 165, Health, Dt. 3-2-1960 and G.O.Ms.No. 255, G.A.D.,
Dt. 1-3-1961)
(3)    A Minister and the members of his family will be  entitled
free of charges, to accommodation in hospitals maintained by  the
State Government and also to medical treatment and attendance  on
the  same terms and conditions as are applicable to  the  highest
category  of  servants employed under the  Government  of  Andnra
Pradesh, the highest category of Government Servants who get  the
maximum  concessions and benefits in the matter of  free  medical
attendance  and treatment in Government Hospitals, provided  that
the Minister and members of this family shall be entitled to  the
supply of diet free of charge.
(4)    The Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, the Deputy
Chairman  of  the Legislative Council, Chief Whip,  Chairman  and
Vice-Chairman  of  the  Regional  Committee,  the   Parliamentary
Secretaries, if any, the Members of the Legislative Assembly  and
Council  who  do  not  hold any of the  offices  referred  to  in
Sections 3-A to 5-A of the Andhra Payment of Salaries and Removal
of Disqualifications Act, 1953, (Andhra Act III of 1954) and  the
members  of  the families of all those mentioned above  shall  be
entitled,   free  of  charge,  to  accommodation   in   hospitals
maintained by the State Government and also medical treatment and
attendance on the same terms and conditions as are applicable  to
the Gazetted Officers of the State Government.
16.     Medical Attendance for very important  personages  :-Very
important personages, if they fall sick during their visit to and
stay  in  Andhra  Pradesh should be provided  with  free  medical
assistance  which  should  cover apart from  treatment  which  is
neither  prolonged nor specialised and such as a  hospital  would
ordinarily provide.
                       (G.O.Ms.No. 2761, Health, Dt. 15-10-1963)
17.     Medical  Attendance to Members of  State  Legislature  :-
Members  of the State Legislature and members of  their  families
are  eligible  for free medical facilities as are  given  to  all
Gazetted Officers of the State Government.
They will accommodated in the paying rooms on par with Grade  III
Officers (as defined in the Andhra Pradesh Travelling  Allowances
Rules,  i.e., Gazetted Officers drawing pay between Rs.  750  and
1,000)  of the State whenever they are admitted for treatment  in
the Government Hospital in the State.
18.    Medical Attendance for Officers of the AH India  Services,
Andhra  Pradesh State on Higher Judicial Officers :-Rule 15  will
apply  for  purposes of "Medical Attendance" on officers  of  the
Indian Administrative and Police Services and their families  and
officers of the Andhra Pradesh State Higher Judicial Services and
their families.
Note  :-The Officers of the Andhra Pradesh State Higher  Judicial
Service  will  be treated on par with the members of  the  Indian
Administrative and Police Service.
19.    Treatment of T.B. :-(1) Rules regulating admission of T.B.
patients  in  Government T.B. Institutions and  other  Government
Medical  Institutions  where there are T.B. wards  are  given  in
Appendix V.
(2)     The following private Hospitals which are in  receipt  of
grants  from  the State Government are  recognised  as  treatment
centres  for  the Non-Gazetted Officers and  Employees  of  Local
Bodies drawing pay not exceeding Rs. 300 P.M. and their families.
(i)     The U.M.T.B. Sanatorium, Madanapalle.
(ii)    Visrantipuram T.B. Sanatorium, Rajahmundry.
(3)     An  officer  who  wishes to  enter  the  institution  for
treatment  and  claim  reimbursement  of  the  charges  from  the
Government should obtain in advance a certificate from the  local
District Medical Officer to the effect that his case is one  that
requires treatment in specialised T.B. Institution.
(4)    Ten beds in the U.M.T.B. Sanatorium, Madanapalle and  five
beds  in  the  Visrantipuram  T.B.  Sanatorium,  Rajahmundry  are
reserved  in  the general wards for the treatment  of  Government
Servants and members of their families.
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 1257, Health, Dt. 24-7-1956)
Note  :-In  the  first instance the entitled person  who  has  to
undergo  treatment for T.B. should produce a certificate of  non-
availability  of beds in the nearest Government  T.B.  Sanatorium
and  that  admission against the reserved beds should  be  sought
only  through  the  District Medical  Officers  of  Chittoor  and
20.     Medical  Advances to N.G.Os.:-Government  Servants  (non-
gazetted officers) are eligible for advances to meet the expenses
on medical attendance and treatment.  The grant of advance  shall
be regulated by the rules given in Appendix VI.
21.     Reciprocal  Arrangements  with  other  Governments  :-The
Government  of  Andhra  Pradesh  have  entered  into   reciprocal
arrangements with the Government of Madras, Mysore and Kerala for
free  medical  attendance and treatment  of  Government  Servants
while  they  are on duty or in transist at the Hospitals  of  the
respective Government, subject to the following conditions :-
(1)     Government Servants of any of the States mentioned  above
will   be  given  free  accommodation  in  class  admissible   to
corresponding  category  of  the employees  of  this  Government,
surgical and Nursing services including X-ray examination, radium
treatment and such other special examinations as may be necessary
in  respect  of which facilities are available in  the  Hospital.
Special  treatment  shall  also be given free of  charge  on  the
advice of the Authorised Medical Attendant.
(2)      The  Government Servant in question shall,  however,  be
charged  for diet (in the case of Gazetted  Government  Servants)
and  they  shall also have to purchase such drugs as may  not  be
available in the hospital stores and may claim reimbursement from
their parent Government if it is admissible under their rules.
(3)     These arrangements have come into force with effect  from
29-8-1963  in the case of Madras Government and  1-9-1963 in  the
case of Mysore Government.
(G.O.Ms.No.  2382,  Health, Dt. 31-8-1963  and  G.O.Ms.No.  2997,
Health, Dt. 5-11-1963)
Note  (1)  :-The  families of Employees of Tamil  Nadu  are  also
eligible for the above facilities when they accompany  Government
Employees  who happen to pass through and stay in Andhra  Pradesh
on reciprocal basis.
Note (2) :-The Government Servants of Andhra Pradesh availing  of
the facilities in the Medical Institutions in Tamil Nadu are  not
eligible for T.A.
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 371, Health, Di;: 6-4-1976)
Note  (3) :-Maharashtra State Government Employees  are  eligible
for  free  Medical Attendance in the Government Hospital  of  the
State on reciprocal basis.
                          (G.O.Ms.No. 971, M & H, Dt. 11-10-1976)
22.  All  categories of Government Servants  and  other  entitled
persons who are eligible under current rules for reimbursement of
expenses on medical treatment within India would be eligible  for
reimbursement  of expenses incurred on medial  treatment  outside
India  for which facilities are available in this  Country  also,
subject to the maximum of Rs. 40,000 (Rupees forty thousand only)
which  includes, air passage of patient and expenditure  incurred
towards Personal Attendant also.
They  are  also  eligible for the  reimbursement  of  the  actual
expenditure   on  such  medial  treatment  where  there  are   no
facilities  available in the Country. Expenditure on  air-passage
of  the  person  treated  as  well  as  the  air-passage  of  the
accompanying  personal  attendant  would also  be  reimbursed  by
Government in such cases.
Note  :-The Authorised Medical Attendant should  certify  whether
there  is  need for treatment abroad and prior  approval  of  the
Director  of  Medical Education/Government in  Medical  &  Health
should  be obtained by the person who wants to  secure  treatment
outside  the Country. The expenditure to be reimbursed should  be
certified by the Director of Medical Education]. [G.O.Ms.No. 170,
M.&H. (Kl), Dt. 14-3-1985]
Authors' Note :-The ceiling of Rs. 40,0007- has been increased to
50,0007- vide G.O.Ms.No. H.M. & F.W. (Kl), Dt. 2-4-92.
                           APPENDIX I
                 [Vide Rule 3 (4) of the Rules]
The following Medical Officers are appointed to act as Authorised
Medical  Attendant for the various State Government Servants  and
other entitled personnel.
When  treatment is obtained under Allopathic or Modern System  of
1. For Government Servants drawing          Any Civil Surgeon
   Rs. 500, and above per mensem            or the Medical
   and Members of the State Legislature     Officer of equal
   and their families.                      Status at the
                                            station where
                                            the patient
2. For other Government Servants and        Any Assistant
   their families.                          Surgeon at the
                                            station where
                                            patient resides.
Note  :-(1)  The  term  "Civil  Surgeon  and  Assistant  Surgeon"
includes   specialist   and   Honorary   Medical   Officers    of
corresponding rank.
(2)     At places where there is no Civil Surgeon or any  Officer
of equal rank, the Assistant Surgeon residing at the place  shall
be  regarded  as  authorised  Medical  Attendant  for  both   the
categories mentioned above.
(3)     At places where there is neither a Civil Surgeon  nor  an
Assistant Surgeon the nearest Assistant Surgeon or Civil  Surgeon
shall  be regarded as Authorised Medical Attendant for  both  the
categories  mentioned above. (G.O.Ms.No. 1792, Health,  Dt.  7-6-
When treatment is obtained under Indian Systems of Medicine
1.For Govt. Servants drawing           Gazetted Hakims and
  Rs. 500 and above per mensem         Gazetted Vaids including
  and Members of the State             professors in the Indian
  Legislature and their families.      Medicine Service.
2.For other Government Servants        Senior and Junior Vaids
  and their families.                  and Hakims of the Indian
                                       Medicine Department
                                       including senior and
                                       junior lecturers in
                                       the Indian Medicine
                                       Subordinate Service.
Note  :-At  places where there is no Gazetted Hakim  or  Gazetted
Vaid,  the  Senior and Junior Vaid/Hakim residing  at  the  place
shall  be regarded as Authorised Medical Attendants for both  the
categories mentioned above.
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 3290. Health, Dt. 12-1-1963)
                           APPENDIX II
                 List of Inadmissible Medicines
               under Allopathic System of Medicine
Antiphlogi sting/Plaster
Aletris Cordial
Antiseptic Dusting Powder
Asoka, Vintone with/Cordial/
Compound/Cordial & Hormone
Ovarian Asavin/Asvan
Alkas Eptal
Agretonicum/Ague Tonicum
Anto's Compound
Alopex Ointment
Alopex Tablets
Alvite Drops
Allistan Tablets
Aurinol Ear Drops
Anapolon Oxymetolone Tablets
Actilex Cough Syrup
Ademin Compound
Amfac Granules
Acilose Vaginal
Auralcain Ear Drops
Ancoloxin Tablets
Antihist Expectorant
Acigel Vaginal Jelly
Anterline Cream
Asthma Nerrin Solution/Relief Powder
Avittemide Powder
Aletris Elixir
Atomiser Rubber Bulb & Cover
Agres Tonic
Algan Ointment
Aligipan Cream
Antical Lotion
Acrifivin Lotion
Alkaline Citrate
A & D Vitamin Massage Oil
Amosan/Mouth Wash/Powder
Algocratine Cachets
Allochrysine Suppositories
Anaardone Solution
Antaiby Tablets
Anti-Haemophylia Principle
Alka-Cip Tablets
Alka Seltzer
Alkia Saltraters
Allcook's Porous Plaster
Anadin Tablets
Analax Pastilles
Andrew's Liver Salts
Anestan Asthma Tablets
Angier's Emulsion
Anti-Kamnla Tablets
Ashton & Parson's Infants' Powder
Alkasol 'C'
Anticirhos Tablets
Alkanant with Vit C.
Akin Malt
Aloes Compound
Anne French Cream
Abzol Powder
Aiopex Lotion
Acid Glyceropepsin B-I
Anol Ointment
Alkacitrate Granules
Acid Salicylic Cold Cream/Powder
A & D Pearls
Antifule Tablets
Adrenaline Tablets
Acid Carbolic
Adhesive Plaster
Arseno Typhoid Vaccine
Air Rings
Aruna Utebin Tonic
Antiseptic Cream
Argentum 'Osool'
Atkison & Barker's Infants
Preservative A & D Pearls
Abdominal Binder
Aeri Flame
Antirabic Vaccine
Bi Glycero Pepsin
Bi Agarol
Buck fast Tonic Wine
Broom Liquid C Nebuliser
Bishop's Citrate of Lithia
Bendial Solution/Benedicts Solution
Bisuroids Laxative Tablets
Blair's Gout & Rheuma Tic Pills
Bonchi Oil
Box of Nutrotone
Benzocin Lozenges
Belladonna Pigment
Brewer's Yeast Syrup
Bi-Chlorobutol Inhalant
Boldine Houde Tablets
Burgoyne's Lodised Sarsaparilla
Biomin Syru
Brood Peroolator
Bacte Dysenter 1 phage
B-Tex Ointment
B. Neurophos Elixir
Biochlor Tablet
Boric Rectified Spirit
Biosodol Rulves
Broven Inhaler
Brooklex Tablets
Bis-U-Mint Ovals
Bisurated Magnesia
Bisurated Magnesia Tablets
Bidel Compound
Blanchard's Female Pills
Binzoyl Perexide Woliey
Balsamic Emulsion
Barkers Biquid of Life
Bates & Go's Compound Breast Salve
Baxen Powders
Baxen Tablets
Beecham's Cough Pills
Beecham's Lung Syrup
Bynadol Liquid
Bronchinson Cough Syrup
Brover Inhalent
Botonin Liquid
Borax Honey
Boimage Paste
Bioplex Forte
Bishop's Varalettes Vichy salts
Blanchard's Female pills
Blinblow's Female Pills
Batlin Complex
Beg Vaccine
Bencard Allergy Remes
Blue Lion Fox Nuts (Shadfbrth's)
Bowden's Indian Balm
Box's Herbal Ointment
Bragg's Prepared Vegetable Charcoal
Beecham's Powders
Beltona Lotion
Bescorbon Medicinal Snuff
Bilas Pills
Bilson's Laxative Cleanser
Bishop's Natural Fruit Saline
Breege's Stamulating Ointment
Brocast Inhalant
Bunter's Nervine
Burgress Lion Pills
Bristayclin Pedatric Drops
Barley Peral
Bio Malt
B.D. Min Elixir
Blinblow's Asthama Cure
Blinblow's Eucalyptus & Stramonium Cigarettes
Bonomint Laxative Chewing Gum
Bow's (DR) Liniment
Box's Indigestion Pills
Breecham's Pills
Beltona Antjuritic Tablets
Beltona Ointment
Betalax Drops
Bile Beans
Birley's Antacid Powder
Bishop's Varalenttes
British Sra Crystal Salts
Burgress Lion Ointment
Buxton Rubbing Bottle
Bottle Feeder
Baby Oil
B.D. Vine
Calciba Syrup
Chicken Essence
Cough Syrup
Calcium Vitamin Syrup
Carbonal Tablets
C.T.L. Compound
Chloromex Syrup
Comitone Eilixir
Calci-K Tablets
Cetavatione Powder
Collosal Argentum Nasal Drops
Combadex Cream
Calei Lacto
Cordial Asaka
Clasmiun Dearl
Cordiazol Dicodid
Cacton Glucose
Cough Mixture Syrup, Sandoz
Crook's Capsules
Calcium Cascinate Powder
Charcoal Tablets
Crook's Dandruff Lotion
Cystone Tablets
Corl Tar
Citadel Fira Calcium with Vitamin C Tablets
Carsule Dutrain Cunberan
Collosal Argentum Opthalmic Salvimag
Croy Calcium
Cinerela Maritima Succur
Subl Mine
Castophene Tablets
Calsalettes Tablets
Carter's Little Neve-Pills
Cassell's (D.R.) Tablets
Castellan No.l Cough Mixture
Collosol Cup Um Orthalmic
Cardone Drops
Cholphytone Dragees & Drops
Corvason Eye Lotion
Carbindon Mild
Corvasymoton Eye Wash
Clarke's Blood Mixture (Tablet Form)
Clarke's Glycola Food Cream
Clarke's Medicine
Clynol Berries
Cockburn's Pills
Cogene Tablets
Collis Browre's (Dr.) Chloroeyne
Condy's Remedial Fluid
Constrpon Laxatives
Ceimo Tablets
Celunox Tablets
Collosol Gold Sulphid
Corpus Luteum 'Aseitules'
Corpus Luteum & Mammary 'Palatinoids'
California Syrup fo Figs
Cryognine Catches & Tablets
Chemo Maltcalracreem
Children Tonic
Caliper including raising in the She etc., Complete alevator
Cream of Jujol
Curacho Emoraction
Cuticura Ointment
Chocolates Cotton Wool Cawtex Cold Creams
Chardox Super Activated Charcoal
Chililine Ciofa Tablets
Cotton Wash
Capsules Gelatine
Crebe Badage
Cusi Resolvent
Carter's Little Liver Pills
Cas Ell,s (D.R.) Instant Relief
Castellan Children's Cough Mixture
Collosol Cuprum Solution
Collunovar Cullutoire
Cerebri in Palationoides
Calcium C.D. Inga Syrup/Tablets
Cal-D-Rubra with Iron
Calci Lysin
Cibzol Thrat Paint
Cod Liver Oil (By James Co, Kepler's)
Clarke's Salve
Clarke's Skin Lotion
Cloister Neabal Tea
Cockburn's Balsam
Cockles Antibilous Pills
Cole's Family Ointment
Congreve's Elixir
Couttis Acetic Acid
Celunox Ointment
Cethos Powders
Collosol Mercury Sulphide Solution
Conotramine Pessaries
Corpus Luteum 'Palatinoids'
Cotarine Hydrochloride  'Palatiooids'
Carmarole Compound    \
Cyclospasmoi Forte Tablets
Corpora Leu Ampltes
Cusi Denmoze
Crooks Emulsion
Chempho Feppon
Calsiloids Tablets
Calvox Ointment
Chpaln Tonic
Cystex Tablets
Coconut Hair Oil
Cotton Boric
Carwant Lotion
Cephos Tablets
Chardox Tablets
Ch Coloids
Clarke's Blood Mixture
Carica Tablets
Charim Tablets
Calavix Cream
Carapeplic Paints
Carbo Citra
Corn Cure
Collo Calcium
Cologne Water
Caripeitic Liquid
Carnigen Drops
Chem Tonic
Compound Hevimin with Polic Acid
Carica-Leptol with B Complex
Calci Lacto
Chewing Gum, Jyrothricine
Coll-Cal-d-El ir/Tablets
Colossal Iwche
Cylinder (Oxygen)
Corpora Lutex Capsules
Carnigen Drops
Chem Digestin
Crook's VD
Dustina Powder/Antiseptic
Dressing, Surgical
Digestive Syrup
Dagra Honey Syrup
O.K. Salt
Duphasol Vit-D-/-3/VIT
Dinosignatol Chesedon
Danish Ointment
Dentol Toothache Powder
Digestif Rennies Tablets
Ointment & Suppositories
Dehydronmise & Rosterone Tablets
Daya Mineral
Duodenin (Palatinoids)
Daisy Powders
Damaroids Tablets
D.C.L. Vitamin B Yeast Tablets
D.D.D. Prescription
Deokin's Inflammation Remedy
Dettolin Gargle
De Witt's Cotarrhal Cream
De Witt's Little Laxative Pills
Diotex Tablets
Dinneford's Magnesia Tablets
Dinneford's Pure Fluid Magnesia
Dodd's Kidney Pills
Dol's Voltalise Rub
Deschiens Syrup Hemoglobine
D.D.D. Lotion
Dandruff Lotion, Crooks
Diaphregin Jelly
Diorcin Cream
Delvit Liquid
Deschln's Syrup of Haemoglobin Degalan
C Vit. B-12
Delbiase Tablets
Duodenin Tablets
Daisy Tablets
Davis's (Dr.) Famous Femable Pills
D.D.D. Baim
Dekin's Lung Healer
Dettol Ointment
De Witt's Antacid Powder
De Witt's Kidney & Bladder Pills
Digestif Rennies Tablets
Doan's Ointment
Dicey's Dr. Batemen's Drops
Doan's Backache & Kidney Pills
Do-Do Tablets
Druy's Infant's Preservative
Deschiens Syrup Hepathemo
Detensyl Tablets Vegeto-polyhor
Dismensol Tablets
Dolchin Tablets
Duoformula Tablets
Distlled Water
Dropper eye
Depilatory Wax
Dietary Supplement
Di-lodotyrosone Tablets (Pabyrn)
Do-Do Pastilles
Drexamine Cream
Dutch Drops
D.D.T. Powder
Dollorin Cordial
Eledrin Dried Milk
Extra Sterilised Pads
Elixir Muritunint
Eupeptic Tablets
Enzyindrin Syrup
Evahotia Tube
Eard 'Alibour'
Enthodryl Capsules
Epcol Cough Syrup
Exlixir Heposim C extra Polic Acid and B-12
Elixir Poly-B Complex
Eskay B-l
Eve's Cordial Enden drops
Elixir Viveta
Elixir Morhuvine
Eskay 'B'
E.C. Lotion
Elliman's Universal  Emebroction
Elixir Peptenzyme
Emp. Belladona Liquid
Eye Wash
Entero Surphazyme
Elixir Embrocation
Eledon Electric Vapourizer
Eiosol 10% Drops
Eade's Rhematic and Gout Pills
Elixir Gynol
Elixir Vali Vrom Evans
Elasto Crepe Bandage
Eade's Antibilious Pills
Egyptain Salve
Elliman's Athletic Rub Monic Hypotensor
Elixir B C Mineral
Elixir Vital
Ethi Vite Syrup
Elixir Ferveromyn
Ex. Tross
Elasmin Pearls/Drops
Elixir Thiaden
Eximalt (Evenest)
Ephomag Elixir/Tablets
Erythron Forte B-12
Elixir Utaferron
Elixir Panther
Elixir Vimelto
Elixir Pynoyin
Elixir Keliples
Elixir Lacteena
Elixir Combitone
Emulsion Hypophosphate
Effico Tonic
Elixir Phosferine
Elixir Com Forte
Elixir Neo Cordial
Eutheria Cream
Essence of Chirata
Ext. Ergot Liquid
Ezotine Espiq
Elastic Bandages
Essence of Pepermint
Eskay B Complex
Effevescent Sandostin Tablets
Elixir Calici Lysine
Elixir Combitone
Elixir Val Bromide Smith
E.L.A. Emulsion Lactobacillus Emge Tablets
Eade's Universal Anodyne
Elasto Nature Salve
Eno's Fruit Salt
Ephedan Powders
Elixir Vitabin
Elixir A.D.M.
Essence of Chicken
Ecsolent Compound
Elasto Tablets
E.N.T. Nerve Powders
Ex-Lax Chocolate Laxative
Esobactolin Capsules
Elixir Aminoxyl
Elastic Plaster
Ephadibe oil Drops
Eimbalm Skin Ointment
Ephedrol Inhalant
Eskay B Complex F
Fever Powder
Ferro Drakshomalt
Fevromyin Elixir
F. Liquid
Felatone Syrup
F.99 Capsules & Ointment
Ferrum 'Oscol'
Fosfexyl Pills and Syrup
Falcone's Golden Compound
Famel Pastilles
Fenning's Children's Colling Powders
Fungus C Prednisolone
Franol K
Fitilin Revitalising Rub
Freeman,s Chlorodyne
Fulier Brand Celery Perles
Fruit Salt
Feeder Grip Tight
Fenning's Fever Mixture
Fennings' Ointment
Fennings' Stomach Strengtheners
Fennings Whooping Cough Powders
Ferute Elixir
Firth's Green Salve
Fissan Anal Suppositories
Fellow's Syrup
Female Cordial
Ferro Blinin
Floss Silk
Fosdexyl Pills
Fruitlan Per Bravais
Fertilol Cream
Fructol Blackcurrent and Lodine Pastilles
Famel Syrup
Penning Adult Cooling Powders
Fungex Cream
Fehling Solution
Farex Franol
Fissian Paste
Formitoral Formaline Pastilles
Fr Esone Corn Remover
Fructole Carpinal Co. (Mayfair A Brand)
Farilan Ferromalt
Fenning's Little Healers
Fennings' Rheumatic and Erysi-Pales Drops
Fennings' Warm Powders
Fibron Adrenaline Cream
Fissan Anal Ointment
Fissan Dusting Powder
Fynnon Salt
Ferrylyn Finiex
Gum Paste (U.D.Co.)
Glass Urinal
Glycodin Lozenges
Gripe Liquid
Grimix Gets-It
Gum Paint
Glycero Pepsin, Bi
Gasex Tablets
Grasshopper Ointment
Gilley's (Dr.) Herbal Laxative
Gingivities Powder (Special)
Gripe Water Carminative (Woodwards)
Gripe Syrup
Glucose Solution Crooks
George's Pile & Govel Pills
Germolene Blood Purifier & Tonic
Germolene Tablets
Gripe Liq
Gameno Essence
(Gemenol Laboratories) G.S. Tablets
Gar Antiseptic Ointment
Gee's Lobelline
Genasprin Tablets
Gravel Pills
Grape Sugar
Gluco Vita
Germoloids Suppositories
Guy's Tonic
Glase Rod
Gripe Ease
Gynedol Liquid
Gripe Water (Warden-India)
Gripe Mixture
Gripe Cardial
Grimault Haemoglobin Forte
Glucose Tablets
Guy's Linctus
George's Pills for the Piles
Germolene Ointment
Guy's Fruit Pills
Goulard's Lotion
Guttac Ephidrine
Gastrozy W*
Glyce-in extract of Red Bone Marrow
Galnoid Guipsine Pills
Golloway's Family Lung Syrup
Gee's Lobelline Lozenges
Genosal Nasol Cream
Geenfield's (DR)
Whooping Cough Mixture
Hodge's Pessary
Hinco Tonic
Hair Lotion/Tincture
Halibutol Orange
Haliborange Large
Huxloy's Nervigor
Heart Drops
Halibut Oil Capsule Liver
Hemo Ashoka
Hemostyl Syrup
Himco Tonic
Herbal Bitter
Herbolax Strong (for constipation)
Himrod's Cure
Hevitron Liquid
Hepanima Forte
Halivitol Orange
Hipro Milk
H2 02 (Hydrogen Peroxide)
Halibut Orange Liquid
Haumas Bro
Hemopato (Grimoult) Elixir
Heposim C Vit B 12
Halloway's Pills
Hooper's (Dr.John) Fefale Pills
Hytex Pile Balm
Histamine-B.D.H. Ointment
Hair's (Dr.) Asthma Cure
Hair's (Dr.) Bronchil Cough Remedy
Hair's (Dr.) Liver Pills
Harlay's Three Salts
Hewlets Mixture
C. Bismuth Co. C Opium
Haemoglobin Elixir
Hay ward's Tonic Wine
Havimin Co Folic Acid
Huxley's Wintigen
Hame Malt
Vit Elixir
Hicolin Elixir (Cough Syrup)
Hewlett's Teething Jelly
Hinksman, Asthma Smoking Mixture
Hazeline Snow
Hermo Be Dozo
Herbile Pills
Healex Skol Antiseptic
Hinksman's Asthma Reliever
Holloway's Ointment
Heamopetol B Complex
Hemo Gynol
Heamorrh Didal Ointment
Homocea Ointment
Hoyle's pure Vegetable Viscous Oil
Hesanol Ointment
Halmegon Tablets
Hypotensyl Tablets
Hair's (Dr.) Asthma Cure Pastilles
Hair's (Dr.) Catarrh Cure Pills
Haratax Tablets
Hepatex Malt Liquid
Hewletts Mixture Peqsin
Haemoglobin Forte
Haemoglobin Syrup C B 12
Health Salt
Hydro Protein
Hepsonin Elixir C Extra Folic Acid Heme-Cal-& Vit B 12
Herbalene (Lusty's)
Hinksman's Asthma Cigarettes
Holdrod's Gravel Pills
Hygiene Powder
Hepels Coy
Hind's Cream
Hinksanm's Asthma Cigarettes
Health & Healther's Catarrh pastlles
Hockin's Remedy
Haemogasting Tonic
Iso Calcium
Ina Carabin
Inhalur Huxley's
Iodine Ointment
Iversal Lozenges
Indian Create
Inositol Capsules
Ideal Warming Liniment
Irosol Syrup
Iodine Model Aseptic Ointment
Ionised Lodine (Molson) Brand
Iron Putty Fitting C pully
Insanity Cure
Inteb Tablets
Influenza Tablets
Indu Compound
Iodised Sarsaparilia
Iglodine Antiseptic Ointment
Iodine Black Current Pastiles
Ice Cap
Infant's Friend
Ina Carabin
Ipsolin Rheumatic Baim
Irovna Tablets
Iodise Throat Tablets
Iso Glutumalt
Ice Collar
Ipca Malt
Indo-Rubidi-Calcium Ophtharmix Ointment - Cusi
lodoform Powder
Intrait de Matron D Inde Dausse Solution P
Jackman's Convulsion Cure
Jyrothricine Chewing Gum
Jif Neuralgic Powders
Johnson's (Mrs) American Soothing Syrup
Juvinin Tablets Complex
Jests Tablets
Jordan's Gin Pills
Jamins Liver Cure
Jenner's (Dr.) Absorbant Ozenge Brand Digestive Tablets
Juno-Junipah Salts (Powders & Tablets)
Jayakar's Convulsion Cure
Jamins Liver Cure
Jackson's Febrifuge
Juvigold Gland Tonic
Kepler Multivite Capsules Large
Kepler Malt Extract C Shark Liver Oil
Kepler's Cod Liver Oil C Malt
Karsotein inhalant
Restorative Pills
Kephaldol Pectoral Cough Lozenges
Karmoid Tablets
Keswick's Pure Vegetable Charco-lax (Tablets)
Ki-Uma Ointment
Kompo (Dr. White's)
Kerol Medical Capsules (Gastric)
K-5 Hair Tincture
K. Liquid
Keplex Keplex Elixir
Kaomagma C Pectin
Kalms Tablets
Kutnow's Powder Kettle
Kasbolin Karo
Krooks Saline
Kepler's Multivitamih Capsules
Kepler's Cod Liver Oil
Karsodrine Inhaler
Kyae's Worsdell's Vegetable
Key's Linseed Compound
Kephaldol Tablets
Kaputine Powders
Keswick's Pure Vegetable Charcoal
Ki-Uma Plasters
Kipak Vapur Rub
K. No. 2782
Korey Tablets
Kerol Medical capsules (Intesinal)
Kapilon Drops
Kardyl Prickly Heat Powder
Kossom Broadway
Khasinol (Cough Syrup)
Kylon G.F.4
Kwell Travel Sickness Remedy
Lysterin Antiseptic Liquid
Lotion, Crook's Dendruef
Lint Camphor
Lotion Eusol
Liver Cure
Lactose (Powder Form)
Ligricis Carlimix Zinc Cream
Lipsa Digest
Liver Oil Capsules
Liniment Terpentine
Liniment Belladonna
Leetz Malt
Leetz Compound
Liquid Ext. of Lodh
Loctopeptine Powder
Lalkala/Lal kala Cigarettes
Langdale's Compressed Cinnbamon Tablets
Langdaleis Compressed Self-Aid Peppermint Tablets
Lena Protomin Syrup
Lysotone Liquid
Lantigen A
Lantigen C
Lantigen E
Lecithiz Alb
Lipamensin Tablets
Luteomension Tablets
Lymphatic Capsules and Tablets
Little Victor Inhaler
Lloyd's Adrenaline Cream
Lombio Suppositories
Lusty Garlic Tablets
Leucoplast Elastic For Chaste
Lint Absorbent Protein/Ledinac
LecivinLe Rei Albanian Salve
Lemadine Liq Ext. Arjuna
Lacto Kadline
Liver Capsules
Low Elastic Sacroiliac Belt
Lint Anodyne
Laxative Tablets
Liniment Embrocation
Liniment Lim Abe
Leetz Cough Syrup
Leetz Pypin
Lead Lotion
Lidocation Jelly
Lactopeptine Tablets
Laedo Towels
Langdaleis Concentrated Medical
Liquid Pocitron
Lykacilin Drops
Libatone Ferri
Liquor Diastose
Lactated Pepsin Elixir
Liver Exrtract Ointment (Tcf)
Lysatone B-12
Lactodacilline Tablets
Lantigen B
Lantigen D
Lantigen F
Lenigallol (Knoll)
Loretinbis muthic Opthalmic Ointment Cusi
Lactopeptine Elixir
Little Movies
Lixenr Elixir
Lombio Lotex
Lyco Yeastlets
Lint Salgeylic
Laxative Chocolate
Lexbsoni Cap
Lewis's Drops
Limestone Phosphate Compound
Linctoid Pastilles
Lemon Barley
Malto Min
Milkan Paste
Maternity Belt
Manestrin Capsules
Magsil Tablets
Massive Drops
Manner's Gripe Misture
Malt Vitonin
Mand H Emulsion
Methyl Testo Viron Tablets
Magsulph Cream
Medica Belt
Multivitamin Fipa
Mycodecyl Pomade
Masse Ointment
Mist Seilleac
Methugum Tablets
Metules Sandoz Capules
Molivex Compound
Magnogone Tablets
Mammary Gland 'Palatinoids'
Muscle Extract - Oxoid
Mac Brand Antiseptic Throat Sweets
Mcclure's Crescendo Vitamin Tonic Syrup
Mcclure's Oxogen Tablets
Mcclure's Glucomel
Mcclure's Vaposan Outfit
Mitson's Liver
Mebran Elixir
Multivit Candy
Malt Iron
Mivets-G Tablets
Mag Mag
Melba Iodised Throat Tablets
Mendaco Tablets
MentexMentholatum Antiseptic Nasal Liquid
Mentholatum Blam
Milton Antiseptic Ointment
Moffat's (Dr.) Remedy
Moorland Indigestion Tablets
Moton's Elder & Peppermint Life Drops
Mothersill's Sersick Remedy
Massage Oil
Meads Protein
Meta Metron Tablets
Malt Vitex
Milko Mag Tablets
Malto Vito
Malt Viron
Myn Berry's Compound
Meta Drops
Maclean Indigestion Powder
Mandle's Throat Paint Solution
Minavitol Syrup
Mycedecyl Powder
Massy's Nipple Ointment
Masse Nipple Cream
Mixture Tone
Mount Malt
M. & H. Elixir
Mammary Capsules & Tablets
Manganese 'Oscol'
Myelin Capsules & Tablets
Mcclur's Balsam
Mcclure's Ephedrine Nasal Catarrh Specific
Mcclure's Glucose Tonic
Mistferri Et. Ammin Cit Multivitaplex Elixir
Mulvit Syrup
Malt Vitex C Iron Mivets Tablets
Minaferol Vit. E.
Mercolized  Wax Mixtures (Only Patent mixtures as  Ague  Mixture,
Mensal Pills
Mil-Par Brand Laxative
Mistol Drops C Ephedrine
Monsol Throat Pastilles Morse's (Dr.) Indian Root Pills
Mother Siegel's Digestive Syrup M-Rex Pile Ointment
Maclean Brand Stomach Powder
Milton Tablets
Myrone Tablets
Maclean Brand Stomach Tablets
Magslate Tablets
Marienbad Anti-Obesite Tablets
Mathews' Fuller's Earth Cream
Medilax Laxative Pellets
Malt Oslo
Mackintosh Sheeting
Mandy Paint
Malt C Cod Liver Oil (Allen & Haily)
Mavilot Malt
Malt Kepler
Malt Easton (if given to adults)
Massive Vitamic
Muller Nutrient (The)
Milkan-C-Cod Liver
Malt Extract C Cod Liver Oil (A &H Co.)
Musterold Mustaraed Ointment
Magtriz Powder/Tablets
Man Zan Pile Remedy
Marmola Antifat Tablets
Mecca Pastilles (Gibson)
Meggeson Bismuth Dyspepsia Tablets
Malt Vitex
Malt Nesto
Material (Dressing)
Milk of Magnesia
Migoren Pearls/Drops/Capsules/
Malt  Compound  Navitol
Mandol Malt
Measure Glass
Malt Extract (Magna Malt)
Nutroton Box
N.E. Sulphar
Neuro Phosphates
Nephril Tablets
Nierph Tablets
Nycil Powder
Nephritin Tablets
Nizin Ophthalmic Ointment-Cusi
Nasimint Snuff
Nemolin Pile Ointment
N.E.T.C.O. 444 Pills
Nervorite Mine
Navitol C Vids Terol
Nejdrugen Tablets
NavitolNutrinatal Tablets
Neo Sedalcer Tablets
Needle Hypodermic
Nursing Powder
Navitol Malt Compound
No Pain
New Dentol
Neuro Phosphite
Nufer Tablets
Nycil Ointment
Neo Kin Syrup
Nicamide Solution
Noviform Opthalmic Ointment-Cusi
Nature's Herbal Ointment
Nemakol Brand Nasal Compound
Nivea Cream
Norway Cod Liver Oil
Nisko Sap
Needle Nozel Set
Nutro Lysate
Nico Flavin
Neurona B Complex
Noval-Gin Quinine Norasirob
Neogynges Neadallit
New Sphagol 10% Ointment
Nonn Tablets
Nasal Remedy
Neko Soap
Neson Inhaler
Nursing Case Book
Niblettis (Dr.) Vital Renewer
Normo Gastrine Tablets
New Dentol
Norton's Chamomile Pills
Nurse Hrvey's Mixture
Natrum Phos
Nixoderin Ointment
Nevea Skin Oil
Nipple Shield or Nipple
Oriental Balm
Oral T.
Optibits Abott
Ovoto Line
Olive Oil & Cod Liver Oil
Ortho Applicator
Opterex Eye Lotion
Omega Oil
Optinal Eye Drops
Opo-Iodamelis Tablets Female & Male Formula
Orchitate (Pabyrn) Liquer, Pessaries & Tablets
Ovacoids Tablets
Ovarian Substance 'Palatinoids'
Ovarian & Mammary 'Palatiniods'
Ovarion & Pituitary 'Palatinoids'
Ovary Whole Gland Tablets & 1 oz., Desiccated Powder
Orchitin 'Palatinoids'
One Day Cold Cure
Opas Maclean Tablets
Osborne's Mixture
Owbridge's Lung Tonic Pastilles
Oxien Pills Orlivit
Oxygen Cylinder
Ointment Milkan C Cod Liver.
Oleum Arachis
Olive Oil (External or Internal)
Oralex Liquid
Onim (Male)
Okasa Tablets
Opicycline Capsules
Optisol Eye Ointment
Opimalt Syrup
Oberlin Granules of Chicken Embryo
Orchic Substance Emplate (No. 5)
Oleum Araches
Ovarian Residue 'Palatinoids'
Ovarian Substance Emplets
Orange Squash
Ovary Residue Tablets
Ove-Sedicy 1 Dragees
Odds On-Liniment
Oiled Rayon
Opas Maclean Powder
Oralax Tablets
Owbridge's Lung Tonic
Oxien Nerve Tablets
Oystral Tonic
Perandern Linquets / Ointment
Pablum (Cereals)
Powder, Antiseptic, Dusting
Pulverizator For Oily Liquids
Pepsindon Tablets
Pepsin, Bl Glycero
Palmolive Shaving Cream
Phosphomalt Powder Dusting
Primoderm Mild Cream
Panthesin Balm
Piex Ointment/Tablets
Pecto Malt
Potcholra Powder
Potassium Chlorate
Phospho Cynamin
Phospho Lecithin Pikacid
Primospasmyl Tablets
Pentrol Sulpha
Protein Hydrosylal
Peptovintone Pepsinol .
Pharma Compound
Pearl Barley
Phinl Halycitrol Crookes
Plinasine P.V.P. Solution
Paragon (Reel)
Polyvitin Capsules' Protomyl
Powders  (Prepared  From Patent medicines or  Patent  Powders  as
  Johnson Powder, etc.)
Parathyroid Hormone
Parathyroid Gland Tablets-Oxoid Pedaform
Parculla Eye Drops
Petterson's Oky Pills
Pepsi Digestive
Pineal Compound
Prenatal Capsules
Petromulsion C Gualia Col
Panzynorm Dragees
Phosellite C
Pharmalene Ointment
Phenoda Phenate of Soda
Phillips Pure Live Yeast Granules
Phosferine Health Salt
Phyllosam Tablets
Pierre's (Bather) Monastery Herbs
P Ends Tissues
Pyson Moilam Watch
Pepsonin Liquid
Potassium Chloride
Pulmocod Creasote Cuaiacol
Ptychosoda Tablets
Plebex Capsules
Plaster Zinc Adhesive
Phosperine Syrup
Pasiso Viteve
Pacto Calcium
Panthor (Cough Syrup)
Pigment No. B1-421
Polythene Tube
Pacyl Tablets
Parathyroid Gland 'Paratinoid's
Petroloyan Forte
Pepsin Compound
Progneter Cream
Pepsi Digestine
Pyrgasol Lozenges/Tablets
Pasuma (Strong)
Pheriban Tablets
Penotrane Pessaries
Phensic Tablets
Phillips Pure Live Tonic Yeast Tablets
Peptalmina Dfagees & Granules
Phenurone Tablets
Parathyroid Granules & Tablets
Pitexan Capsules & Snuff
Prostiate Tablets
Phychil (Succini) Dinitril Suppositoreis
Page Wookcock's Wind Pills
Permint Double Strenght Concentrated Essences
Penetrol Drops
Penetrol Inhaler
Perivale Chidlain Ointment
Pylatum Regulators
Powder Nursing
Petein Vaccine
Plaster Elastic
Pot Urinal
Pastiles M & E
Preguenolone BDH Tablets
Pineoleum Inhalant C Ephedrine
Pineoleum Ephedrine Jelly
Pond's Extract of Hamarmelis
Poor Man's Friend
 Potter's Catarrah
Pastilles Prodorm Cream
Pads Corn
Powder Colgate
Powder Baby
Pot Urinal
Powder Cuticura
Powder J. & J. Baby
Phrenazol Solution & Tablets
Primodern Ointment
Pregnenolone Galssettes
Prostate Gland Palationids'
Panacel Antiseptic Ointment
Pateruoster's Cout & Rheumatic Pills
Penetrol Inhalant
Penetrol Pastiles
Pyalatum Ointment
Pylitha Aperient Tablets
Powder Maclean Stomach Frip
Pylitha Pile Powders
Paints Carepeplic
Paste Tooth
Pins Saiety
Protopine Elixir
Pineal Capsules & Tablets
Pineate Honey Cough Syrup
Pineoleum Inhalant
Pinkettes Tiny Laxative Pills
Platts (Dr.) Rinex Prescription
Pond's Ointment
Potter's Asthma Cigarettes
Presto Powders
Propax Tablets
Purgen Tablets
Pads Scholler
Powder Hygiene
Powder Himalaya
Plastic Elastic
Protein Ledinac
Pablum Meads
Powder JB
Powder Talcum
Plaster Sticking
Pins Safety
Paste Tooth
Quaker Oats
Rubuden Dvod
Reverbin Inhalant
R.S.M. Rhinx Mild
Robuden Tablets/Capsules
Rubuden Inhalant
Robert Tablets
Rheumatia Tablets
Roy Pills
Retrobberry compound C. Lysine
Ralciplex Dragrees
Raoche's Embrocation
Rubber Tubing
Reverbin Inhaler
R. Compound
Resolvent Ointment
Remelysine Syrup
R.C.K. Tablets
Red Bone Marrow, Glycerin
Extract Glanoid
Rectarcycle Tablets
Riodine Capsules
Radiana Dressing
Radium Buxton Crystal Salts
Rankin's Ointment
Redigubil Water
Reader's Egyptial Salve
Redux Herbal Tea
Rexall Bisma-Rex Antacid Powder
Rahuke Sweet Digestive Syrup
Roberts, Craupline
Rectified Spirit
Rayon Oiled
Reto Super A & D pearls
Royal Oonim (Male)
Rubriment Lotion
Rexali Orderlies
Rinoxe Capsules
Ru-Mari Compound
Rottar Tablets
Roter Tablets
Ranvitol Tablets
Remelysine Drops
Rumalaya Cream
Red Bone Marrow Powder Glanoid
Roid Adhesive
Radio Bonco
Robaden Tablets
Radian B Lininment
Rand's anisaka Pills
Raspails (Dr.) Female Pills
Rose Water
Radio Malt
Readers Express Powders
Red Band (Bismuthated) Magnesia
Rexal Bone & Nerve Liniment
Rheumagic Oils
Rookers (Dr.) Oriental Pills
Rubber Sheeting
Sani Malt
Sedapex Liquid
Stirring Rod
Super De Pearl
Sexina Sia Cod Liver Oil
Spirolon Cream (for gum Massage)
Sen's Stomach Cure
Stovina Forte
Sandozol Tablets
S.P.R. Compound
Scurfol Syrup Codifbmom
Savalone Antiseptic Lozenges
Syrup Mechtol
Surahalli Kasaza
Sponge Spongostan
Syrup Hevimin
Solan Balm
Sani Vidol
Sugar of Milk
Syrup of Figs
Sandoz Tablet
Spirocton Cream (for gum Massage)
Sperm Tablets
Super Malt
Syrup Grimalt
Syrup Methischol
Sleeping Medicine
Soda Lime
Salidex (Superb)
Syzygium Tablets
Syrup Calcium Hyprozando
Sanitary Pads
Syrup Foli Complex
Scepriro Tablets
Spray Shinobiotic Ephidrine
Sirop Decomphopneumine
Syrup Erythron
Syrup Alarex
Suppromide Tablets
Sidcitrate Liquid
Semprin (Child)
Siotone 863
Soda ginvet mint, Tablet
Spirodin Solution
Sirolex Cough Syrup
Stomach Cure
Sebhoric Lotion
Sulpholine Paste
Sanividol C creasote
Syrup Elixir Valinan
SuoretsSoframisone Collyrium
Supanenal Whole Gland, Tablets
Samona Tablets
Sanderson's Coung Linctus
Supavite Capsules
Supep petomalt C Lysine
SimcofSweeten Bottle
Salvizol Lozenges
Super Neo Cod
Surgical Cotton Dressing
Suspended Suspemsory Bandage
Schoum Solution
Sedulon Syrup
Soderseine Solution
Splean Tablets
Sublamine Opthalmic Ointment-Cusi
Singha (Dr.) Asthma Tablets
Slaon's Liniment
Snowfire Ointment
Syrup Mechositol
Sante Pastules
Syrup Thio-Kaf-Ephidrine
Softsules A-D (Vit.A & D) Capsules
Stan Malt
Super Forte
Sopamycetin Syrup
Scariet Red Ointment
Spinal Support C Dunlop Pillow
Cushion Solvozyme Spt. Vinam Galicil
Sulpholine Ointment
Siri Malt
Spinal Brace
Syrup Mithiazole
Sedalcer Tablets
Salphur Bitter
Supernal Gland 'Palatinoids'
Suprarenalin Tablets
Synthalin Tablets
Sal Alterata/Sal Hepatica
Saifo in Hay Fever Salve
Sanacine Cough Mixture
Sanderson's Throat Specific
Surama Medicated Cigarettes
Siokoff Syrup
S.P. Vita Syrup
Supositous lilicensia
 Spirit Rectified
Stretched Abdominal Belt
Sedicyl Tablets
Sobisminol Capsules
Sodium Supphocyanate Elixir
Stoniform, Dusting Powder, Lotion,Ointment & Tablets
Syrup Sadaplex
Singleton's Eye Ointment
Smedleys's Paste
Snowfire Healing Tablets
Soto Antiseptic Mouth-Wash Tablets
Sphagnol Lotion
Salt Andrew's Liver
Sacro-llliac-Belt (for treatment of Osteo-Arthritis).
Spasmo Pertusol
Schifimann's Dr. K. Asthmador
Seprolin Petroleum Emulsion
'Seven Seas' Cod Liver Oil
Shadfofters Tablets
Shurzine Antiseptic Ointment
Slif Obesity Tablets
Simpson Blood Cleanser (Iodised)
Simpson's niblain
Simpson Seaweed & Celery Tablets
Sanitary Towels
Safety Pins
Sulphe Gaicelated Neogodine
Sandal Wood Oil
Spirit Methylated
Sure Shield Fruit Laxatives
Sure Shield Glycerin of Thymol Astilles
Sure Sheild Iodised Throat Lozenges
Suthers Chrono-Thermal Composition
Syrup Hemoglobin
Syrup Neogyid
Sugar Sioliat
Silviserin Hair Tonic
Seidlitz Powder
Scalp Lotion
Spolax Granules
Scott's (Dr.) Billious & Liver Pills
Serocalcin Tablets
Seven Seas' Cod Liver Capsules
(but ordinary brands of Cod   Shadphos Liver Oil are admissible)
Silbe Asthma Tablets
Simodine Simpson lodolok Iodine Locket
Sedulon (Roche)
Scretes throat Pastilles
Salt Enos Fruit
Sweeting's Toothache Elixir
Siodo Enterin Tablets
Syrup Ephedonal
Syrup Neogadine
Syrup Liver
Syrup Trosol
Stength Oval Tablets
Silvikrin Pure Sperman
Salvon Shampoo
Throat Lozenges
Tentex Tablets
Tentex Forte
Tablets Siromide
T. Binder
Tono Phosphotone
Tono Malt
Tono Carnine Forte
Theracibrim Gelseals
Tetmosol Soap
Toni Malt
Tyzine Drops
Ten-Sex Tablets
Til Oil
Tablets Sandoz
T.C.P. Lotion
Tonic Wine Hay ward's
Tono Blood
Tono Calcin
Therecibirm Capsules
Tyzine Spray
Tab. Sulpha Bun
Tonofer Malt
Tisbon Elixir
Tonic Wine, Buckeast
Toni Merz Mixture
Tono Phospan
Throat Paint
Thymus Tablets/'Palatiniods'
Tonoxyline Female & Male
Teasdale's Choloradyne
Towel Pills
Tussicon Pectoral Cough Elixir
Tooth Paste
Tenophophan Fortius
Toilet Lanoline
TestomaTcer Tablets
Thermogene Meidicated Wadding
Trilax Tablets
Talcum Powder
Tata Cologne
Tonic Powder
Tonic Mixture
Tono Pheph Ne
Thyrol (for local application)
Tar Cream, Colourless
Testes Tablets
Tiodine (Cognet)
Trilactine Tablets
Thermonogene Vapour Rub
Towel's Pink Pills
Towels Sanitary
T.W.A. Nervine
Tanas Balm & Other Balms
Towel's Chloradyne
Tudor Williams Balsam of Honey
Throat Pastilles
Talco Dutsting Powder
Tapes Adhesive
Universal Cough Syrup
Universal Compound
Uttrus Tonic
Unrocor Nenol
Unimetin Capsules
Upvee Malt
Utero Anodyne
Ung. Allaution
Unkon Jack Paste
Uricure Tablets
Urinal Pot/Urinal
Universal Tonic
Universal Gripe
Universal Cordial
Uniscale Lotion
Undecyl Cream Milken Vinegar
Utogen/Uterine Vitamic Aruna
Ulceratum Ointment
Urace Rheumatism Tablets
Urillac Tablets
Vapours (for inhaling)
V.I.P. Tablets
Vitmal Compound
Vitamin Malt
Velroc, 2x3" -2x6"
Vorloc Bandages Plaster
Vino Malt Bl
Vintone C Asoka
Venus Cough Cure
Vykmin Capsules
Velroc Bandages
Vide Mlat Vegain Tablets
Vilco Malt
Vitalyn Syrup
Vita Pepsin
Vox Pastilles
Vinkdia C. Vitamins
Vimix Liquid
Vermarjem Liquid
Vitol Drops
Vitol Compound / Vitiol Compound
Vitamin B, C & D
Veliment Liquid & Perles
Vastone Aseptules
Vaseline Carbolated Petroleum Jelly
Vegetax Brand Tablets
Veolox Rheumatic Tablets
Veno's Liniment
VitagolVitaphor Elixir
Vitamine Elixir
Verindon Tablets
Vino Berry's Compound
Viteolin Vitamin E Capsules
Vitaepon Tablets
Vitex Liquid
Vitaminic Opthalmic Ointment-Cusi
Vaiderma Antiseptic Balm
Vapex Inhalers
Vasano Travel Sickness Remedy
Vikelp Mineral
Vitamin Tablets
Vio-Ray malt
Vogal-Zone Nasal Capsules
Vicks Cough Drops
Veno's Seaweed Tonic
Victor's (Dr.) Ointment
Vitex Liquid
Vit Isopan Tablets
Vaiderma Cream
Vitol Syrup
Victor's Cough Syrup
Vistaril Tablets
Vaniidene Tablets
Veritol Liquid ('Knoll')
Vaughan's Bronchial Cure
Velocium Tablets
Veno's Cough Mixture
Visept Tablets
Vitoline Capsules
Vino-lecithin (Liquid)
Vinocod C Creosote & Guaiacol
Vical Liquid
Vogelor's Curatiil Compound
Veritain Oral Solution
Valda Pastilles
Vapex Inhalant
Vapex Volatol
Vaseline Borated Petroleum Jelly
Vik-Wik Liniment
Vykmin Vitamin Mineral Capsules
Veno's Nasal Tablets
Vicks Vapour Rub
Vicks Draughts
Warali Tone
Waterbury's Compound
Watson's Family Pills
White Lions (Shadforth's)
Winslow's Mrs. Soothing Syrup
Wright Coal Tar Soap
Win Tona
Walker's Precalcin Lactate
Worm Expelling Syrup (Trade E. & M. Mark)
Webber's Laxative Pills
Welch's Original Female Pills
White Bear Brand Cod Liver Oil
Whit'es Q.B.C.
Wright's Coal Tar Ointment
Waxadol Capsules
Winter Bury's Compound
Wilper's Compound
Wintradine Tablets
Wintradine Tablets
Whelpton's Vegetable Purifying Pills
Whelpton's Vegetable Stomach Pills
White Tar Ointment
White Tar Ointment
Williams (Dr.) Pink Pills for Pale-People
Whiter Bear Brand Cod Liver
Oil Emulsion
Wooldridge's Brand Gout and Rheumatic Tincture
Xerosol (Vitamin A.B.D. Tonic)
Xem. Ointment
Yeastoffer Tablets
Liquid Glanoid
Yadil Antiseptic Pills
Yadil Pastilles
Yellow Bone Marrow Concentrate Yadilets
Yadil Antiseptic Ointment Yadil Antiseptic
Zuvi Malt
Zuvi Drops
Zinc Oxide
Zee Kol Blood Tonci Pills
Zom Pile Ointment
Zomex Suppositories
Zam Buk Ointment
Zox Powders
Zuvi Malt
Zola Cordination
Zee Kol Ointment
Zom Pile Tablets
Zotal Liniment
Zac Gripe Mixture
Zam Buk Supositories
                             LIST B
The Following preparations are classified as Foods :
(I)   Baby Foods, Milk Foods and Invalid Foods, Other than  those
Indicated below :
Allenbury's Cereal
Allenbury's Diet
Allenbury's Humanized Milk Food No. 1
Allenbury's Humanized Milk Food No. 2
Allenbury's Malted Food No. 3
Ambrosia Benger's Food Bourn vita
Cow  and Goat Foods :
1.   Buerlac
2.   Brestol Supplementary Food
3.   Calcilac
4.   Cerex
5.   Daltose C.G.
6.   Frailac
7.   Full Cream Milk Food
8.   Half Cream Milk Food
9.   Hemolac
10.  Humanised Milk Food
11.  Lacidac Full Cream
12.  Medilac
13.  Peptalac
14.  Prentalac
15.  Prelac
16.  Separated Milk Food
17.  Special Half Cream Milk Food
18.  Weylac
Dorsella Glaxo Products :
1.    Colact
2.    Farex
3.    Ferrolac
4. Ostermilk No. 1 and No. 2
    Lacta Milk Food
    Libbp Shomogenised Foods
    Malted Milk, e.g., Barleva Beulah Horlicks
    Mellin's Food
Nestle's Preparations :
1.    Condensed Milk
2.    Lactogen
3.    Milk Food
4.    Milo Tonic Food
5.    Homogenised Foods
Neave's Food
Neave's Milk Food
Oatrex Infant and Invalid Food Fine and Medium (Kings)
Ovaltine Rusks
Robinson's Preparations :
1.    Patent (Barley)
2.    'Patent' Greats
3.    Robrex
Savory and Moore Food
Sister Laura's Food
Slippery Eim Foods
Strained Foods, e.g., Neinz and Scott's Torbat Lactic Oats
Turfood Follow on Food
Turfood Hunmanised Food
Turfood Prosol
Turfood Seeway
And Similar Preparations
(II) Compound Foods of Specified Vitamin Content
And Similar Preparations
(III) Glucose Preparations :
    Glucose B.D.
    Glucose With Vitamin D
And Simliar Preparations
(IV) Liquid Foods and Wines :
    Apple Juices
    Diabetic Cordial
    Robinson's Lemon Barley
    Rose-H.I.P., L.B.W,
    Rose's Squashes and  Dietic Squashes All Alcoholic Beverages,
    Wines,and Spirit and Similar Preparations.
(V)  Malt Extract Preparations :
    Malt Extracts
    Malted Wheaten Food
    Vitamin Malt Extracts
And Similar Preparations
(V) Meat and Vegetable Extract and Juices :
    Brand's Essence
    Faif s Food Jelly
    Valentine Meat Juices
And Similar Preparations
(VI) Mineral and Soda Waters :
    Apentta Water
    Maveern Mineral Water
    Soda Water
    Trefrriw Water
    Vichy Water and Tablets
And Similar Preparations
(VII) Miscellaneous Preparations :
    Aurum Ambrosium
    Blackcurrent Pastilles
    Charcoal Biscuits
    Dextrin Maltose
    Diabetic Preparations, e.g., Energen Preparations
    Glucose Barley Sugar
    Iodised Salt
    Kellog's All Bran
    Malted Milk Tablets, e.g., Barlova, Harlicks, Ovaltine
    Natex Slimming Food
    Nestrovite Tablets
    Saccharine Tablets
    Salt Substitutes
    Verisal Herbs
    Vitaminised Chocolate
And Similar preparations
                             LIST C
Preparations Normally used for Toilet Purposes
Astringent Lotions
Cold Creams
Hair Tonics
Lanolive Toilet
Shaving Creams
Shaving Stytics Soaps
Tooth Powders
Vanishing Creams
Bath Salts
Face Powders
Hand Creams
Shaving Soaps
Skin Lotions
Tooth Pastes
Talcum Powders
J.B. Powders
                         AMENDMENT No. I
Copy of letter No. 41-1/67-MG, dated the 12th July, 1967 from the
Director-General of Health Services, New Delhi, addressed to  all
State  A.M.Os.,  all Ministries of Government of India,  and  all
Administrative Sections
Delete   the  following  medicines  from  the  latest   list   of
Inadmissible  Medicines  (Revised upto 1st January,  1967)  which
supersedes  the previous list issued in 1958 and  Amendments  1-X
thereto  forwarded with the Directorate Letter No.  41-1/67,  MG,
dated 16th/l 7th February, 1967 :
Name of the Medicine                   Page No.       Column No.
Actilex Cough Syrup                    ...2              1
BI-Agarol                              ...4              1
Brovan Inhalant                        ...4              2
Campoferron(not Champoferron)          ...10             1
Espiq                                  ...13             2
Enzynorm Dragees                       ...13             1
Franoi                                 ...15             1
Franoi-K                               ...15             1
Franol-TF                              ...15             1
Hepovite                               ...20             1
Hepachol                               ...20             1
Kepler's Multi Vitamin
Capsules                               ...23             1
Kepler Malt Extract with
Shark Liver Oil                        ...23             1
Pediatrin                              ...33             1
Protinules                             ...33             1
Panzynorm Dragees                      ...33             2
Panthor(cough Syrup)                   ...33             2
Pepsonin Liquid                        ...32             2
Ranvital Tablets                       ...36             2
R.C.K.Tablets                          ...36             2
Siprrmide Tablets                      ...39             2
Sedax                                  ...40             1
Insert  the  following  medicines in  the  list  of  Inadmissible
Medicines to above.
Algipan Ointment
Geronyl Tablets
Surgical Belts
Collare (Not Medicine)
Magmag Plaster
                        AMENDMENT No. II
Copy  of letter No.F 41-1/67 M.G., dated 23rd August,  1968  from
Director-General of Health Services, New Delhi, Addressed to  all
State A.M.Os., all Ministers of the Government of India.
Delete   the  following  medicines  from  the  latest   list   of
Inadmissible   Medicines  (Revised  upto  January,  1967)   which
supersedes  the previous list issued in 1958 and  its  subsequent
Amendment I-X
Name of the Medicine              Page No.       Column No.
Chemdigestion                     ...7                2
Hemiphos                          ...19               2
Protinex                          ...32               1
Barical                           ...36               1
Vita Pepsin                       ...44               2
Vistaril Tea                      ...45               2
The  under  mentioned  items  may be  inserted  in  the  list  of
Inadmissible Medicines referred to above :-
Sat Isabgol
                        AMENDMENT No. Ill
(No.41-1/67 MG (Director-Genl. of Health Ser.), New Delhi, Dt. 3-
Delete   the  following  medicines  from  the  latest   list   of
Inadmissible  Medicines  (Revised  upto the  1st  January,  1967)
forwarded  with  this Directorate letter  No.  41-1/67-MG,  dated
16th/17th February, 1967 :-
Name of the Medicine         Page No.            Column No.
Mulvit (Syrup)               ...26                    2
Waterbury's Compound         ...47                    1
Insert the following in the referred to above
Absorbant Cotton
Bandage  Not drug
Calcinol Syrup
Dol Cal
Elixir B C. 50
Gauze (Not drug)
Livules - 52
Feedlab Bottle (Not drug)
                        AMENDMENT No. IV
Copy  of letter No. 41-1/77-MG, dated 10th September,  1958,  New
Delhi, Director-General of Health Services, addressed to (1)  all
State  A.M.Os.,  (2) All Ministries of the Government  of  India,
etc., (3) All Administrative Sections.
Delete   the  following  medicines  from  the  latest   list   of
Inadmissible  Medicines  revised  upto  1st  January,  1967  (and
subsequent  three amendments) which supersedes the previous  list
issued in 1958 and its subsequent Amendments I-X.
Sl.No.   Name of the Medicine          Page No.     Column No.
1.       Alvite Capsules               ...1           2
2.       Alvite Drops                  ...1           2
3.       Ancoloxin Tablets             ...2           1
4.       Corex                         ...12          1
5.       Digene                        ...12          1
6.       Erythron Forte-12             ...13          2
7.       Hepatoglobin                  ...10          1
8.       Pre Natal Capsules            ...32          2
9.       Quamaresh                     ...35          2
10.      Sorrison Collyrium            ...30          2
11.      Neogadine Sulphogulacoted     ...41          1
The  undermentioned  items  may  be  inserted  in  the  list   of
Inadmissible Medicines referred to above :
1.  Perilexmalt
2.  Phosformin
                         AMENDMENT No. V
Copy of letter No. 41-6/69-MG, dated the 12th August, 1969,  from
the  Director General of Health Services, addressed to all  State
A.M.F.Os., all Ministries of Government of India.
Deleted   the  following  medicines  for  the  latest   list   of
Inadmissible  Medicines  revised  upto  1st  January,  1967  (and
subsequent amendments) which supersedes the previous lists issued
in 1958 and its subsequent Amendment I-X.
Sl.No.      Name of the Medicine     Page No.       Column No.
1.        Phosformin(Ammendment
2.        Hemopatol                   ...19           1
3.        Sorbiline                   ...39           2
4.        Metatone                    ...28           1
5.        Orheptal                    ...32           --
6.        Sedocorodil                 ...32           9
7.        Radio-Stolem                ...37           1
8.        Multivitaplox Elixir        ...26           2
9.        Cough Syrup                 ...7            2
10.       Livules 52(Ammendment
          III,Dt.April,1968)          ...             ..
Regarding  item  'Powders' on Page 33, Column (2)  of  the  above
mentioned  list  of  Inadmissible  Medicines  is  clarified  that
'Powders' prepared from Inadmissible Medicines or talcum  powders
will be inadmissible.
Insert  the  following  medicine  in  the  list  of  Inadmissible
Medicines  referred to above :
1.  Liv. 52                    ...  25                2
                        AMENDMENT No. VI
Copy  of  letter No. 41-1/67 MG, dated  9-1-1970,  from  Director
General  of  Health Services, New Delhi, Addressed to  all  State
A.M.Os.,  all  Ministeries  of Government of  India,  all  Admn.,
Sections and the Comptroller and Auditor General, New Delhi.
Deleted   the  following  medicines  from  the  latest  list   of
Inadmissible Medicines revised upto 1-1-1967 (and subsequent four
amendments)  which supersedes the previous list in 1958  and  its
subsequent Amendments I-X.
Name of the Medicine              Page No.       Column No.
Elixir Aminoxyl                   ...13               2
Calcinol Syrup                   Ammendment III
                                 Vide letter No.
                        AMENDMENT No. VII
[No.41-6/69-MO,  Director General of Health Services, New  Delhi,
Dt.  4-5-1970)Delete  the following medicines from  the  list  of
Inadmissible  Medicines  revised  upto  1-1-1967  and  subsequent
Sl.No.   Name of the Medicine          Page No.       Column No.
1.       Cremaffin                     ...7            1
2.       Betonin                       ...4            2
3.       Liv.52(Tablets &Drops).
         Ammendment No.V               ...3
                       AMENDMENT No. VIII
Copy  of  Letter  No.  41-6-69-MG,  New  Delhi,  21-1-1971,  from
Director  General  of Health Services,  Medical  General  Section
addressed  to all State A.M.Os., all Ministries of Government  of
India and Administrative Sections.
Delete   the  following  medicines  from  the  latest   list   of
Inadmissible  Medicines (revised upto 1st January, 1967) and  its
subsequent amendments.
Sl.No.   Name of the Medicine          Page No.       Column No.
1.       Deschien's Syrup of
         Heamoglobin C.Vit.B-12        ...11           1
2.       Ostomalt                      ...52           1
List of Inadmissible Medicines in the Indian system of treatment
1.  Iftari
2.  Imlas-e-Kimiyaai
3.  Al-Ahnar
4.  Arastu-Hair Oil
5.  Akseer-e-Azam
6.  Akseer-e-beh
7.  Akseer-e-mardan
8.  Akseer-e-Nayab
9.  Aala (2) mukammal
10.  Almas
11.  Baluti
12.  Be-nazeer Hair Oil
13.  Bahare-e-Jawani
14.  Pur-Zar
15.   Pur-Kai
16.  Tadheen
17.  Jentol
18.  Jenoid
19.  Jernol
20.  Jameelen
21.  Jameelin
22.   Habbe Mobahhi Khas
23.   Habbe Mulazziz
24.  Habbe Mumsik-e-khas
25.  Habbe Mumsik-e- Mushki
26.   Habbe Nishat
27.  Habbe Ahmar Muqwwi-e-bbh
28.  Habbe Kibr-e-tilai
29.  Habbe Mumsik Tilai
30.  Habbe Uroos
31.   Habbe Mumsikh Surkh
32.   Habbe Mumsikh Ambari
33.   Habbe Kaleed-e-Ishrat
34.  Habbe Wumsikh-e-khas
35.   Habbe Munaish
36.   Habbe Ahmar .
37.   Habbe Seen
38.   Habbe Ombar Moyai
39.   Habbe Kaifnawaz
40.   Habbe Mein-e-Shabab
41.   Habbe Momyai
42.  Habbe Mumsik
43.  Habbe Ambar
44.   Halwa-e-Baiza-e-Murgh
45.  Halwa-e-Gazar Maqz-e-Ser-e-Kanjaksh Wala
46. Halwa-e-Salab
47. Hal wa-Mughz-e-Kanj ash
48. Halwa-e-Maqawwi
49. Hayat Baksh
50. Dawa-e-Tikor
51. Dawa-e-Shafieb-awar
52. Dawat-e-Shabab
53. Roughan-e-Bhang
54. Roughan-e-Beer Bohoti
55. Roughan-e-Jonk
56. Raughan-e-Kharteen
57. Roughan-e-Jalaq
58. Roughan-e-Morcha
59. Roughan-e-Zalu
60. Sufoof-e-Bah
61. Sufoof-e-Beejband
62. Sharbat-e-Nishat-e-afro
63. Zemad-e-Shabad
64. Tila-e-Azam
65. Tila-e-Shabab-Awar
66. Tila-e-Muqawwi-e-khas
67. Tila-e-Uroosak
68. Tila-e-Almas
69. Tila-e-Ajeeb
70. Tila-e-Keemiya Taseer
71. Tila-e-Musakkin
72. Tila-e-Mushk Wala
73. Tila-e-Ejaz
74. Tila-e-Akseer
75. Tila-e-pih-e-shers Wala
76. Tila-e-Surkh
77. Tila-e-Mushakkin
78. Tila-e-No. (1)
79. Tila-e-Agrr Ambari
80. Tila-e-Khas
81. Tila-e-Sabz
82. Tila-e-Aqer Qarha
83. Tila-e-Munaiz
84. Tila-e-Muqawwi
85. Tila-e-Mumsik
86. Tila-e-Hama Sifat
87. Tila-e-Akhzar
88. Tila-e-musakkin
89. Tila-e-murallib
90. Tila-e-majlooq
91.  Tila-e-Siyah
92.  Tila-e-Sufaid
93.  Tila-e-Zard
94.  Tila-e-Darchini mushkwala
95.  Tila-e-mumsik-o-mulazziz
96.  Tila-e-Ishrat
97.  Tila-e-Hire-Wala
98.  Tila-e-Jeded
99.  Tila-e-Jauzbuna
100. Tila-e-Zood-asar
101. Tila-e-Seemab
102. Tila-e-moatter
103. Tila-e-Itr-e-Nagesar
104. Tila-e-mulazziz
105. Asbol
106. Arq-e-Shahzor
107. Ishrati
108. Itr-e-mulazziz
109. Ghazah-e-Husn afza
110. Fauladi
111. Qures-Tila-e-Azam
112. Qurs-e-Ajeeb
113. Qurs mumsik Jadded
114. Qurs-e-Akseer
115. Qurs-e-Tila-e-momyai
116. Qurs-e-Foulad ambari
117. Qurs-e-momayai
118. Qurs-e-Foulad Ambari
119. Qurs-e-Momyai
120. Luboob-ul-Asrar
121. Luboob-e-abresham
122. Luboob-e-Jawahar
123. Lubbob-e-Abresham ambari
124. Majun-e-Jalai
125. Majun-e-Hayat Ambari
126. Majun-e-mubahi Antaki
127. Majoon-e-Muqawwi-e-bah Maseehul-Mulk wala
128. Mahoon-e-Muqawwi-wa-mutnsik
129. Majoon-e-Tiryak-al-Maseehy
130. Najoon-e-Sur-at
131. Majoon-e-Maddatul Hayat
132. Majoon-e-Musallib
133. Majoon-e-Ispand
134. Majoon-e-Afrasiyab
135. Majoon-e-Aurangzaib
136. Majoon-e-Buzu
137. Najoon-e-Jund Bedastar
138. Majoon-e-Bah-Man Amabari
139. Maboon-e-Jadeed Khas
140. Majoon-e-Raiq-Mahi
141. Majoon-e-Raiq-Mahi Ambari
142. Majoon-e-Mubahhi Ajeeb
143. Qurs-e-Afai
144. Qurs-e-maseehi
145. Qurs-e-Mumsik
146. Qurs-e-Shabab-awar
147. Mulazziz-e-Ajeeb
148. Mumsik-e-Benazeer
1.    The  claims  of  all  Hon'ble  Minister's,   the   Hon'ble
Speaker,the  hon'ble High Court Judges, and members of All  India
Services,who  are  Governed by the All  India  Services  (Medical
Attendance).Rules,1954  shall  be preferred  to  the  Accountant-
General  Direct  for  the Scrutiny and  payment  of  the  amounts
claimed  with the referrence to these rules, provided the  claims
are covered by the rules.
Note:- Any relaxations in individual cases will be dealt with  by
the Government in the General Administration Department.
2. The reimbursement bills arising-
    (i)  In  the  district will be  Scrutinised  and  passed  for
payment by the concerned District Medical Officers;
    (ii) In the Hyderabad city will be Scrutinised and passed  by
the        superintendents        of        the         concerned
Hospitals.(G.O.Ms.No.2133,Health,Dt.26-7-1963                 and
Note:-    All    cases    requiring    special    sanction     or
relaxation,clarification  or interpretation of the State  Medical
Attendacne  Rules  should be referred to the  Government  in  the
Health Department for orders.
                      EXECUTIVE INSTRUCTION
Medical  attendance  - Reimbursement of expenditure  incurred  by
Government  Servants under Integrated Medical  Attendance  Rules,
1972 - Reference to Medical & Health Department - Instructions  -
(G.O.Ms.No. 3142/K1/85-1, Medical and Health Dept., Dt. 17-4-1986)
Order  :-According  to Rule 5(3)(iii) of the  Integrated  Medical
Attendance  Rules, all claims for refund of expenses incurred  on
account  of  the  purchase of the  special  medicines  should  be
preferred  in the manner indicated in Appendix III. According  to
para 2(ii) of the said Appendix, the reimbursement bills  arising
in the Hyderabad City will be scrutinised and passed for  payment
by  the Superintendents of the concerned Hospitals. According  to
para  4 of the said Appendix claims for reimbursement  should  be
accompanied  by an Essentiality Certificate from  the  Authorised
Medical  Attendant  or from the Medical Officer incharge  of  the
case in the hospital.
2.  With reference to the provisions referred to in para 1  above
employees  of  various departments of  Secretariat  are  claiming
reimbursement  of expenditure incurred by them on  medicines  for
treatment of self and family members on the basis of essentiality
certificate  and  certificate of non-availability  of  the  drugs
given  by  the  Authorised  Medial  Attendant  of  the  concerned
Hospital  and sometimes certificate of non-availability of  these
drugs  in  the  Secretariat dispensary,  issued  by  the  Medical
Officer of Secretariat Dispensary. The Departments of Secretariat
are referring such claims for reimbursement of expenditure to the
Medical and Health Department for concurrence. Reference of  such
cases  to this department has been on the increase  resulting  in
unavoidable work load in this department and delay in reimbursing
the  claims. The Secretariat departments are  therefore  informed
that  the proposals for sanction of reimbursement of  expenditure
for treatment in Government Hospitals within the State which  are
accompanied  by  an essentiality certificate and  certificate  of
non-availability   of  medicines  from  the  Authorised   Medical
Attendant  and  when  they are satisfied that  the  claim  is  in
accordance with the provisions in Appendix III to Andhra  Pradesh
Integrated  Medical Attendance Rules, 1972, need not be  referred
to  Medical  and Health Department for  remarks/acceptance.  This
applies  to  the cases referred by Heads of  Departments  to  the
Administrative Departments of Secretariat also.
3.   However  as  provided in the note under para  2(ii)  of  the
Appendix  III to the Integrated Medical Attendance  Rules,  1972,
all cases requiring special sanction or relaxation; clarification
or interpretation of the State Medical Attendance Rules should be
referred to this department invariably.
(iii)  For  District Medical reimbursement bills,  if  any  doubt
arises   the  medical  reimbursement  bills  other   than   those
pertaining  to the Municipal limits of the District  Headquarters
should  be  referred to the District Medical and  Health  Officer
concerned, and for the bills arising within the Municipal  limits
of  District headquarters to the Superintendent of  the  District
Head quarters Hospital concerned.
(iv)  In twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, if any  doubt
arises  the  medical  reimbursement bills arising within the
municipal limits of Hyderabad and Secunderabad should be referred
to the Superintendent, Osmania General Hospital  Hyderabad/Gandhi
Hospital, Secunderabad, respectively].
[Added by G.O.Ms.No. 1274, M.&H. (Kl), Dt. 29-12-1978]
3.  Any claim which has been preferred six months after the  last
date of the period of treatment shall ordinarily be rejected.
Note  :-(1) Belated claims of officers governed by the All  India
Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1954 and those by the  State
Medical  Attendance Rules shall be referred to Government in  the
General  Administration and Health Departments  respectively  for
special sanction.
(2)  15% cut will be imposed upon the belated claims.
                          [G.O.Ms.No. 2323, Health, Dt. 28-7-1961]
4.  Claim for reimbursement should be preferred in the prescribed
form  and should be accompanied by Essentiality Certificate  from
the  Authorised Medical Attendant or from the Medical Officer  in
charge of the case in hospital.
(The prescribed application form and essentiality certificate are
given below)
Application  for claiming refund of medical expenses incurred  in
connection  with  Medical Attendance and/or treatment  of  Andhra
Pradesh Government servants and their families.
[N.B. :-Separate form should be used for each patient.
       Declaration to be signed by the Government Servant
I hereby declare that the statements in this application are true
to  the best of my knowledge and belief and that the  person  for
whom  medical expenses were incurred is a member of my family  as
defined  under  the Andhra Pradesh  Government  Servants  Medical
Attendance Rules, 1972, and wholly dependent upon me.
                             Signature of the Government Servant
                                  and officer to which attached.
                    Essentiality Certificate
I  certify that  Mrs./Mr./Miss..............wife/son/daughter  of
Mr......................employed   in  the............has    been
under     my     treatment     for.............diseases      from and  that  the
under...................(my                            consulting
room)....................mentioned medicines prescribed by me  in
this       connection      were      essential      for       the
recovery............(prevention  of serious deterioration in  the
condition)  of  the patient.  The medicines are  not  stocked  in
the..............(hospital  for supply to patients) hospital  and
do  not  include  proprietary  preparations  for  which   cheaper
substances   of  equal  therapeutic  value  are   available,   or
preparations which are primarily foods, toilets or disinfectants.
Names of medicines :                   Price :
                                  Signature and Designation of
                                  Authorised Medical Attendant.
                             Signature of the Medical Officer-
                             in-charge in the case of the Hospital.
A.   Essentiality Certificate :
1.   The  essentiality  certificate should be filled  in  by  the
Authorised  Medical Attendant himself in the prescribed  form  as
shown on reverse.
2.   Separate  Certificate should be produced in respect  of  the
treatment given to each member of the family by the claimant.
3.   The  essentiality certificate should be signed only  be  the
Authorised Medical Attendant who actually give the treatment.
4.   Any Certificate countersigned by A.M.O., who is not  A.M.A.,
shall be rejected.
5.   It  shall  be the responsibility of the  A.M.A.  to  exclude
preparations which are primarily in the nature of foods, toilets,
or disinfectants. He should indicate in his certificate which  of
the items included in the vouchers come under these categories.
6.  Name of the patient, relationship with the Government servant
in  case of the family member, disease, period of  treatment  and
place  of treatment should carefully and clearly written  by  the
A.M.A. himself in the essentiality certificate.
7.   The  names of medicines with their cost  should  clearly  be
shown in the essentiality certificate by the A.M.A. the names  of
medicines which are not eligible shall be disallowed.
B.   Bills in Original given to the Claimant by the Druggists and
Dispensing Chemists.
(i)    bills  produced  on white papers whether  it  is  with  or
without seal of the Druggists shall be rejected ;
(ii)  the bill should be a cash voucher only ;
(iii) each original bill should contain the name of the  claimant
or patient and the date of issue.
(iv) the name of the drug and its cost should be legibly written.
2.The claimant should prepare a typed duplicate copy of each bill
and  send  it along with his application. The duplicate  copy  or
copies  of  the  bill will be retained in  his  office  with  the
connected file.
3.  The Authorised Medical Attendant should countersign both  the
original  and true copies of the bills. He should affix his  seal
not   only   to  these  bills  but  also  to   the   essentiality
4.  The sanctioning authority should personally satisfy himself-
(a)    that the essentiality certificates and the bills  produced
by the claimant are genuine ;
(b)   that  the dates of the bills and the  vouchers  are  within
treatment periods mentioned in the essentially certificates ;
(c)    that  preparations which are in the  nature  of  primarily
foods, toilets and disinfectants are excluded, and
 (d)   that  the claim is in accordance with the rules  in  force
during the period of treatment.
5.  Original bills produced by the claimant should be  initialled
by the sanctioning authority or by any gazetted officer under him
who deals with the application and then returned to the claimant.
6.   The  claimant should surrender the original  bills  and  the
essentiality certificate to the Treasury who disburses the  bills
                           APPENDIX IV
                     [Vide Rule 7(4)(v)(b)]
List of Medicines recommended for use by Local Registered Medical
                             LIST I
1.  Nupercaine
2.  Anethaine
3.  Pantocaine
4.  Golfoam
5.  Penicillin powder with Sulphamazathine Sodium
6.  Tubarine
7.  Tubocutrarine
8.  Picrotoxin
9.  Lobeline
10.   Pentobaribita
11.   Methedrine
12.   Intravel Sodium
13.   Tincture Morthiolate
14.   Heogynergin
15.   Quinine Urethane
16.   Forsolate
17.   B.A.L.
18.  Percorten
19.   Encortone
20.   Trasentin
21.   Newo-Trasentin
22.  Spongostan
23.  Acid Gallic
24.  Acid Picric
25.  Ammonium Bemozate
26.   Ammonium Oxalate
27.   Ammonium Bromide
28.   Benzoline
29.   Bezamine Hydrochloride
30.   Beta Nauthol
31.   Bismuth Carbonate
32.   Bismuth Salicylate
33.   Buchu Folia
34.   Donfectio Piporia
35.   Ext. Gentianae
36.   Ext. Cascanso Sagrade Siccum
37.   Ext. Hamamohdis Liquidum
38.   Ext. Jabroandi Liquidum
39.   Ext. Hucis Vommicae Liquidum
40.   Ext. Viburmi Liquidum
41.   Forriet Quinaecitras
42.   Karo Tonic
43.   Linimontum Belladonnae
44.   Liq. Arsoniet Aydrargyri Loddi
45.   Liq. Bismuthiet Ammonji Citratis
46.   Liq. Epispesticus
47.   Liq. Pot Hydrox
48.   Mag. Carb Lev
49.   Mag. Oxid Lev
50.   Oleum Amygdala (Almond Oil)
51.   Oleum Gaultheriae
52.   Oleum Cinnamomi
53.   Oleum Junipori
54.   Oleum menthae piporitae
55.   Oleum Olive
56.   Paraffmum Durum
57.  Pepsinum
58.  Pil Hydrurg
59.  Pil Acot
60.  Pot. Bicarb
61.  Pot. Brom
62.  Pot. Citras
63.  Pot. Citras
64.  Potassi Tartaras Acids
65.  Pulvis Cretae Armoticus-cum-opio
66.  Potassa sulphurata
67.  Pulvaeico
68.  Salol
69.  Sodium thiosulphate
70.  Sylphanal
71.  Syrupus Aurantil
72.  Syrupus Coloii Hypophospitis
73.  Syrupus Ferri Jo didi
74.  Syrupus Ferri phosphitis compositus
75.  Syrupus Scillae
76.  Tincture Acenitii
77.  Tincture Aloes
78.  Tincture Asofoetidad
79.  Tincture Calumbae
80.  Tincture Cannabis Indicae
81.  Tincture Capsici
82.  Tincture Catoclum
83.  Tincture Digitalis
84.  Tincture Jabornadi
85.  Tincture Myrrhao
86.  Tincuture Lobeliao Aethereo
87.  Tincture Quassiao
88.  Tincture Quinnine Ammoniata
89.  Unguentum Hydrargyri
90.  Unguentum Hydrargyri Miltratis
91.  Unguentum Rosinao
92.  Urethano
93.  All Vitamin Preparations
94.  Tinct Valeria Ammon
95.  Tinct. Sinaace
96.  All Histarmine preparations
97.  Acetylarsan
98.  Uroa Stibamine
99.  Stibatin amp
100. Gluco Solution
101. Insulin P.Z.
102. Emetine Hydrochloride
103. AminophyHa
104. Acidum phosphoricum Dilutum
105. Acidum Tactieum
106. Acidum Lrichloraceticum
107. Apomorphine Hydrochloride
108. Bleaching Powder
109. Bismuth Subnitras
110. Bension
111. Balsamm of Tolu
112. Bonzaldohyde
113. Brillian Green
114. Crushed Linseed
115. Chalk
116. Copsicum Powder
117. Crude Coal Tar
118. Dextrose
119. Hyecine Hydrobromide
120. Hard Paraffin
121. Preparations of Senna Kramoria cloves & contain co
122. Liq. Ammonil citratis
123. Lead Plaster
124. Morphinae Tartras
125. Liquid lodi Portis
126. Oleum pini Sylvestris
127. Liquid Carbonics Detergents
128. Pulvia Seillae
129. Magnesium phosphate
130. Prepared Coal tar
131. Oleum Gajuputi
132. Syrup of Wild Cherry
133. Pulvis Hyeseyami
134. Syrupus Zingiberis
135. Potassium Hydroxide
136. Sodium Lactate
137. Syrupus Codeinae Phosphates
138. Strychnine Hydrochloride
139. Syrupus Simplex
140. Scarlet Red
141. Sodii Hydroxidum
142. Tr. Lavandulae co
143. Storax
144. White Bees Wax
145. Tr. Arnicae Floris
146. Golatin
147. Ung. Hydrarg Co.,
148. Linimentum Aconiti
149. Sulpha drugs
150. All sera Vaccines
151. Homotrophine Hydrobromide
152. Anti Histamine drug.
                             LIST II
Insulin All varieties
Coagnlo (ciba) Amps
Adrenal Cortex Hormones
Gold Preparations
Riboflavine Amps and tablets
Liver extract
Propyl hiouracil (to be included in the place of Muthyltheuracil)
Sodium pentese nucleotide
Prostingmin tablets
Carbursone tablets
Taka Diastase
All drugs used for investigation in the X-ray Department
Acid ascorbic ampoules and tubes
Prestigmin ampoules
Pethidone ampoules
Hitrogan Mustard
Protein Hydrolysate
Aylase ampoules
                           APPENDIX V
                   [Vide Rule 19(1) in Part I]
Rules Regulating Admission of Tuberculosis Patients in Government
Tuberculosis   Institutions   and   other   Government    Medical
Institutions where there are Tuberculosis Wards
1.  General  :-(1)  No patient should come  for  admission  to  a
hospital   or   sanatorium  unless   intimation   regarding   the
availability of a bed is received by him from the authorities  of
the hospital or sanatorium.
 (2)   Those  who come without notice are liable  to  be  refused
admission either for want of beds or if the cases are  considered
unsuitable for admission.
(3)   No  case  from  other  hospitals  should  be  sent  to  the
tuberculosis  hospital or sanatorium direct, but should be  asked
to  attend the nearest tuberculosis clinic, if such a  clinic  is
functioning within a reasonable distance.
(4)    The   opinion  of  the  T.B.  Control   Officer   or   the
Superintendent   of  Government  T.B.  Sanatorium   or   Hospital
concerned shall be final with regard to the suitability of a case
for admission.
(5)  Each patient, whether he seeks admission in the special ward
or  general  ward  should  be required to  pay  at  the  time  of
registration  the  cost of telegram that should be  sent  to  him
intimating vacancy of bed.
2. Rules for admission to General Wards :-(1) A separate  waiting
list  of  all  suitable  cases  should  be  maintained  by   each
tuberculosis institution.
(2)  Patients seeking admission in the general wards of the  T.B.
sanatorium  will be examined by the concerned  Superintendent  of
T.B. Sanatorium who will prepare a waiting list of such  patients
who  require sanatorium treatment and assign a serial number  for
each  patient and communicate the list to the State T.B.  Control
Officer,  Hyderabad. Intimation regarding vacancies will be  sent
to  the patients direct by the Superintendent of the  Sanatorium.
Each patient will be given a time limit of five days for joining.
If no reply is received within five days requesting extension  of
the  time limit for joining the patient will be struck  off  from
the waiting list. On such applications from the patients the time
limit may be extended to a maximum of three weeks for admission.
The  Superintendent  of the Sanatorium should send to  the  State
Tuberculosis  Control  Officer,  Hyderabad at the  end  of  every
month, the serial number of the .patients who have been  admitted
and  the  serial  number of the patients whose  names  have  been
struck off from the waiting list for non-receipt of reply.
(3)   Admission should be made strictly in the order of  priority
of entry in waiting list unless some emergency has occured  which
requires immediate attention.
(4)  Advance cases which have no chance of recovery should not be
put on the waiting list.
(5)     Letters  of  recommendations  received  with  regard   to
admission of patients direct to hospital or Sanatorium should not
be  taken into consideration, but if on an examination the  cases
are found to be suitable, they should be included in the  waiting
list and should take turn along with other cases.
(6)   All Government Servants including members of the  families,
if  found  suitable for admission will be  admitted  immediately.
Police  Constables  will  be given special  priority  over  other
Government  Servants. Ex-Servicemen, Suffering with T.B. will  be
given preference in admission after State Government Servants.
Note  :-Central Government Servants and Railway  Servants  should
not be treated as Government Servants for purposes of this rule.
(7)   Advanced  cases  among Government Servants  should  not  be
admitted   unless  it  be  for  purposes  of  issue  of   medical
certificates, invalidation certificates, etc.
 (8)   Emergencies  which  require immediate  attention  such  as
Homoeopthysis, Spontaneous, Pneomothorax, etc., whether they  are
on  the  waiting  list, or not, and whether  they  are  early  or
advanced  cases  should be admitted immediately and kept  in  the
hospital or sanatorium till the emergency disappears. After that,
if  they  are found suitable for treatment their  names  will  be
included  in the waiting list on discharge from the  hospital  or
sanatorium and admitted when their turn comes.
(9)   Patients sent by Tuberculosis Clinics and hospitals in  the
mufassal   for   operative  procedure   such   as   Thoracoscopy,
Thoracoplasty, etc., should be taken in directly and sent back to
the respective places after operation.
(10) Patients sent from other hospitals for admission should also
be put on the waiting list and admitted according to seniority in
the waiting list.
(11)  Only early cases of tuberculosis amongst convicts should be
admitted in the Government Tuberculosis Sanatoria.
3. Rules for Admission to Special Wards :-(1) Heads of Government
Tuberculosis  Institutions will maintain a separate waiting  list
for admission in the special wards, send necessary intimation  to
the patients and control their admission.
(2)  A  registration  fee  of Rs.  257-  should  be  charged  for
including the same in the waiting list for special wards and this
amount  should be remitted along with application for  admission.
This  amount will be adjusted towards hospital stoppages  payable
by patients when admitted. If the patient does not turn up within
seven days from the date of receipt of intimation of the  vacancy
of  a  bed,  and if no extension of time  is  obtained  from  the
Superintendent of Sanatorium, the registration fee collected will
be  forfeited  to  Government and the bed will be  given  to  the
patient next in the waiting list.
The  registration  fee will be refunded in cases  (a)  where  the
intimation  of a vacancy of bed is sent after three  months  from
the  date of registration and where the individual does not  then
propose  to seek admission, and (b) where patients expire  before
the  receipt of intimation regarding the availability of beds  or
within seven days from the date of receipt of such intimation.
Note :-1. State Government Servants and members of their families
shall  be  exempted from payment of the registration fee  of  Rs.
251- provided they are entitled to free accommodation in  special
2.  Patients seeking admissions in the special wards, who fail or
find  it difficult to obtain and produce the  income  certificate
from  the  Revenue Authorities, may be admitted  in  the  special
wards,  provided they give an undertaking to pay  the  Sanatorium
charges  and  provided they pay the month's advance  of  hospital
stoppages and regular and prompt in the payment of the dues every
3.   Patients  from  other States will be admitted  only  in  the
special wards.
4.  When special wards are not available, a cottage can be  built
by  the  Sanatroium  authorities provided  that  the  patient  is
prepared to pay the cost of construction of the cottage.
5.  The following procedure shall be adopted for the construction
of  cottages  in  the compound  of  the  Government  Tuberculosis
Sanatoria in the State :
 (a)   The cottages which have been put up in the compound of the
Sanatorium  and  which  are made of brick with  mud  plaster  and
thatched  roofing  should be left as they are. New  occupants  of
these  cottages should be asked to effect repairs at  their  cost
when  necessary  before occupation. They shall be  scrapped  when
they become completely irreparable and no new thatched shed shall
be allowed to be put up.
(b)   New  cottage  should  be  constructed  only  with   durable
Each cottage will consist of a twin ward. For the construction of
each  cottage consisting of a twin ward the approximate  cost  is
Rs. 2,500/- for the construction of a similar ward. When two such
offers  are  received  i.e., when the first twin  ward  has  been
occupied  completely, a second twin ward should be built  on  the
same  model and patients who pay Rs. 2,5007- should  be  admitted
into  these  wards. When no person is coming forward to  pay  the
contribution of Rs. 2,500/- the twin ward will be kept vacant.
4.   Admission  of Patients, fit for Surgical  Treatment  :-Cases
provisionally  suitable  for surgical treatment  should  also  be
placed  on the common waiting list by the Superintendents of  the
concerned  Tuberculosis Sanatoria, marked the letter "S"  in  red
ink, or in some other coloured ink. Such patients should be  told
that  they  are  being admitted into the  Sanatorium  only  on  a
provisional  basis  that  if, after observation  they  are  found
suitable, they will be given the necessary surgical treatment and
that  otherwise they will be discharged from the  Sanatorium  and
put  in  the  waiting list again at  the  appropriate  place.  An
undertaking in the following form should be obtained form each of
such patient.
"I  understand  that I am being admitted  into  the  Tuberculosis
Sanatorium  on  a provisional basis for observation  whether  any
case  is suitable for a surgical procedure. I agree that, if  the
case  is  suitable  for  such a procedure,  I  will  undergo  the
necessary   surgical   treatment.  If  it  is  decided   by   the
Superintendent  my case is not suitable for surgical treatment  I
agree  to be discharged from the observation ward and to have  my
name placed in the waiting list at the appropriate place".
The Mass Radiography beds will be used for observation purpose.
Note :-Pregnant women should be given the same priority as in the
case of early surgical cases in regard to their admission in  the
5.   Discharge of Chronic Patients :-(1) The  Superintendents  of
the Sanatoria will discharge the patients who become chronic even
though sputum in positive, thus making the vacant beds  available
for  more suitable or early cases. In order to  avoid  complaints
about  the disease of these classes of patients, a committee  may
be  constituted  consisting  of  the  Superintendent,   Assistant
Superintendent,  and the Pathisiologist or the  Resident  Medical
Officer  where there is no post of Pathisiologist, and it  should
meet twice a month to decide on the discharge of such patients .
(2)  These  cases found unsuitable at the time of  admission  for
Sanatorium  type of treatment should be kept on for a  reasonable
period of observation and the medical officer should be empowered
to  discharge them on making certain that such patients  are  not
likely to be benefited by their stay in Sanatorium any further.
6.  Wards for cases detected through Mass Radiography Survey :-In
the  hospital  for tuberculosis diseases, Irrumnuma, ward  of  24
beds  shall  be set apart exclusively for the  accommodation  and
treatment of Tuberculosis cases detected through mass radiography
surveys  and  a  separate waiting list, for  this  ward  will  be
maintained.  The  persons in the separate waiting  list,  if  not
already  admitted into the reserve ward shall be admitted to  the
other wards in this hospital according to their turn in the order
of  priority, their names being entered in the waiting  list  for
the general wards also in their turn of priority for the purpose.
7.  Medical Attendance on the Tuberculosis X-ray and  Radiography
Patients  :-(i) The following are the Scheduled rates for  taking
further  X-ray  picture  of  a person,  who  has  been  initially
subjected  to  mass radiography, if his income is Rs.  1007-  per
mensem and above provided however, that for the first follow  up,
half the fees shall be levied.
(ii)  With  reference to Rule 13(b) hospital  stoppages  will  be
levied in respect of persons who are employees of firms, and  who
after  mass-radiography  are  admitted  as  in-patients  of   the
hospital  for the Tuberculosis Diseases, Irrumnuma even if  their
income  is  below Rs. 1OO/- per mensem and the  charges  will  be
collected  from the employees concerned. These patients  will  be
admitted  only with the consent and permission of the  employees.
The necessity and urgency for the treatment of such cases  should
be explained to the employers concerned.
(iii)  Fees at the following rates will be levied from  employers
for issue of certificates in respect of their employees, who  are
subjected  to  mass-radiographic  examination  or  treatment  for
Certificate of Medeical Examination by
Civil Surgeon                                --  16-00
Certificate of Medical Examination by
an Assistant Surgeon                         --   5-00
Admission and discharge certificate from
Tuberculosis Sanatorium                      --   0-13
(iv) Hospital stoppages shall be levied at prescribed rates  from
members  of  the  general  public  who  are  subjected  to  mass-
radiography  and who undergone the treatment in the Hospital  for
Tuberculosis diseases if their income is Rs. 100/- and above  per
                           APPENDIX VI
                              PART I
                         [Vide Rule 20]
The  Andhra Pradesh Rules of Advance for Medical  Attendance  and
I.  The Advances shall be regulated by the following rules :-
(1)   These  rules shall be called "The Andhra Pradesh  Rules  of
Advances for Medical Attendance and Treatment".
(2)  These rules shall apply to all the Non-Gazetted Employees of
the State.
(3)  The advances may be granted to Non-Gazetted Employees of the
State to meet the expenses of medical attendance and treatment of
himself  or any member of his family which he is entitled  to  be
reimbursed  from  the State funds under  the  Medical  Attendance
(4)   The advances shall be treated like advances  of  travelling
allowance  and  pa on transfer and recovery must be  effected  by
adjustment  of  claim  for  reimbursement  c  medical   expenses.
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 1274, M&H, Dt. 29-2-197)
(5)   The Head of the Office competent to draw pay bills  of  his
office,  ma sanction, draw and disburse the advances to  all  the
Non-Gazetted  employees  workin under him; where the Head  of  an
Office drawing pay bills happens to be Non-Gazette Employee,  the
advance  has to be sanctioned to him by the  Officer  immediately
superii to him but he may himself draw the advance.
(6)   The  amount of the advance shall be limited to  the  amount
required to me actual reimbursable medical expenses certified  by
the  Authorised Medical attendant of tl employee or  the  nearest
Civil Assistant Surgeon subject to a maximum of Rs. 50/- at time.
If  the  sanctioning  authority is satisfied  that  the  case  is
emergent, he may sanction an advance upto a maximum limit of  Rs.
507- without insisting upon completion of necessary formalities.
                        (G.O.Ms.No. 317, M&H, Dt. 14-4-197)
(7)  When an advance is sanctioned to a non-permanent  Government
Employee  has to be drawn and disbursed to him only after a  bond
in  Form  II  of the Andhra Prade Financial  Code,  Volume  I  is
executed by him together with the surety of a permane  Government
Servant drawing a pay not less than the borrower.
(8)  (a)  The advance should be adjusted in full within a  period
of  three  mont  from  the  date of  drawal  of  the  advance  by
presenting  the  claim  in the form prescrib  under  the  Medical
Attendance Rules irrespective of the fact that the treatment last
for  me than three months. The claim should be furnished  to  the
Director  of  Medical and Hea Services or  the  Special  Officer,
Indian Medicine, as the case may be, through t Authorised Medical
Attendant and the Medical Officer who gave the treatment. After t
claim  is received back from the Director of Medical  and  Health
Services/Special Offu Indian Medicine, it should be presented  to
the Treasury or the Accountant-General, Andl Pradesh, as the case
may  be  by the Heads of Offices for adjustment  against  advance
(b) A second advance of this kind should not be granted until the
first  c  has been fully adjusted. The Bill for the  2nd  advance
should  be  accompanied by the certificate from  the  sanctioning
authority that the previous advance has been adjusted full.
If  the  advance is not adjusted or returned within a  period  of
three months it shoi summarily be recovered from his salary.
(9)   When any portion of the claim for reimbursement of  medical
expense is any reason disallowed, such amount should be recovered
from the salary of the individ in four instalments starting  with
the pay drawn immediately after the claim has been disallowed.
(10)  In  every  office the drawal of these  advances  should  be
recovered in register of temporary advances and their recovery by
adjustment   or  refund  should  watched.  When  a  borrower   is
transferred  to a new office the details of the advance  shoi  be
closed.  In  the  new  office  which  the  borrower  joins,   the
particulars  of the advance shoi be entered in the  Register  and
the recovery watched.
(11)  Ordinarily  not more than one advance shall be  granted  in
respect  of the sa illness or injury, but when the amount of  the
first  advance  has already been spent, a second advance  can  be
sanctioned  when the sanctioning authority is satisfied that  the
previous  advance has already been spent and the Medical  Officer
concerned has certified the necessity of further expenditure. The
total amount of both the advances shall not exceed Rs. 30 or four
month's  pay  which ever is less. There is no  objection  to  the
borrower if a claim for the adjustment of the first advance  even
before  the  treatment is over and later on presenting  a  second
claim  regarding the further expenses to be adjusted  the  second
(12) The term "Pay" for this purpose shall mean the pay  actually
drawn, including personnel pay, as on the date of application but
shall exclude special pay.
II. The advance granted under these rules should be accounted for
under new subhead, "Advance for Medical Attendance and Treatment"
to  be opened under the head "T.III. Deposits Advances  I.  Civil
Certificate to be furnished by the Medical Officer under Rule 6
Certified  that Sri/Smt.................. a member of the  family
of Sri/Smt............working the  office  suffering  from.............and
that  a  sum of Rs.............(Rupees................)  only  is
necessary as advance to cover the medical expenses  reimbursement
by Government in this case.
Date :                                    Signature :
Station :                                 Designation :
          Certificate by Medical Officer under Rule 11
Certified  that  Sri/Smt.............a member of  the  family  of
Sri/Smt.................working   the
Office of the.................. at...............(Place) is still
suffering  from...........................and that a further  sum
of Rs...........(Rupees.........) only is necessary as advance to
cover the reimbursable medical expenses in this case as from this
Date :                                 Signature :
Station :                              Designation :
Note  :-Strike off the unnecessary portion when  the  certificate
relates to the Government Employee himself.
                             PART II
Rules  relating  to  Medical  Attendance  of  Central  Government
Employees  and their Families, Military Personnel, Merchant  Navy
and Special Police Establishments.
Note :-Not Printed.
                     EXECUTIVE INSTRUCTIONS
Facilities of admission and treatment to pensioners at Government
hospitals Consolidated orders - Modifications
         [G.O.Ms.No. 718, M. & H. (Kl), Dt. 26-11-1981]
Note  :-For  the text of the G.O. see Instruction No. 2  of  next
2.  Medical Advance - Treating like T.A. Advance
[U.O.  Note  No. 5463A/167/A & L/82-1, Fin. &  Pig.  (Fin.  Wing.
Accts. & Loans), Dt. 30-3-1982]
Ref  :_  i.    From  the Acctt.-Genel.,  A.P.,  I,  Hyd.,  Lr.No.
TM/I/II/12-53/76-79/4, Dt. 27-4-1979.
        2.  G.O.Ms.No. 426, M. & H. (KI), Dt. 28-7-1981.
Order  :-In  the reference first cited,  the  Accountant-General,
Andhra  Pradesh,  I  Hyderabad has suggested  amendments  to  the
Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance Rules, 1972 and  has
requested  the Government to issue specific instructions  to  all
the drawing and disbursing officers/all the Treasury Officers and
the  Pay  and  Accounts Officers to treat  Medical  Advance  like
advance of T.A. and Pay on transfer.
2.  The  matter  has been considered carefully,  keeping  in  the
changed  conditions the Drawing and Disbursing Officers, and  the
Treasury  Officers and the Pay and Accounts Officers  are  hereby
directed to treat the advance for Medical treatment as an advance
of  T.A. and Pay on transfer and efforts shall be made that  such
an  advance  for Medical treatment is adjusted  within  the  time
stipulated, avoid probable objections at a later date.
3.  Advances for Medical Treatment
[Memo.  No. 39027/724/BG/82, F.& P. (Fin. Wing-B.G.),  Dt.  21-9-
Ref. :-G.O.Ms.No. 1274, M. & H., Dt, 29-12-1978.
Order  :-Under  the revised accounting classification  which  has
come  into  force with effect from 1-4-1974, the  expenditure  on
Medical  advances  was  being classified  under  "766.  Loans  to
Government  Servants-MH. 25 Other Advances, SH (03) Advances  for
Medical  attendance and treatment. But in consultation  with  the
Accountant-General, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad certain  amendments
were  issued  to the A.P. Integrated  Medical  Attendance  Rules,
1972, through the reference cited. Among other things it was also
ordered  therein that the Medical advances shall be treated  like
advances  of  Travelling Allowance and pay on  transfer  and  the
recovery  must  be  affected by adjustment  from  the  claim  for
reimbursement  of medical expenses. Even though orders have  been
issued to the above effect, it has been brought to the notice  of
the  Government  that  the  Medical  advances  are  still   being
accounted for under "Loans and Advances".
2. The Director of Treasuries and Accounts is therefore requested
to issue suitable instructions to all District Treasury  Officers
to  adopt the revised classification debiting the expenditure  on
Medical advances to the Service head of account instead of  Loans
and Advances head of account.
4.  Reimbursement of Medical expenditure - Instructions
       [U.O. Note No. 3142/K1/85-1, M. & H, Dt. 17-4-1986]
Order  :-According  to Rule 5(3) (ii) of the  Integrated  Medical
Attendance  Rules, all claims for refund of expenses incurred  on
account  of  the  purchase of the  special  medicines  should  be
preferred  in the manner indicated in Appendix-Ill. According  to
2  (ii) of the said Appendix, the reimbursement bills arising  in
the Hyderabad City will be scrutinised and passed for payment  by
the Superintendents of the concerned Hospitals. According to Para
4  of  the  said Appendix, claims  for  reimbursement  should  be
accompanied  by an Essentiality Certificate from  the  Authorised
Medical  Attendant or from the Medical Officer in-charge  of  the
case in the hospital.
2.  With reference to the provisions referred to in Para 1 above,
employees,  of  various departments of Secretariat  are  claiming
reimbursement  of expenditure incurred by them on  medicines  for
treatment of self and family members on the basis of essentiality
certificate  and  certificate of non-availability  of  the  drugs
given  by  the  Authorised Medical  Attendant  of  the  concerned
Hospital  and sometimes certificate of non-availability of  these
drugs  in  the  Secretariat dispensary,  issued  by  the  Medical
Officer of Secretariat Dispensary. The Departments of Secretariat
are referring such claims for reimbursement of expenditure to the
Medical and Health Department for concurrence.
Reference  of  such  cases to this department  has  been  on  the
increase resulting in avoidable work load in this department  and
delay in reimbursing the claims. The Secretariat departments  are
therefore   informed   that  the  proposals   for   sanction   of
reimbursement  of  expenditure incurred  by  Government  Servants
which are in accordance with the provisions of rules referred  to
in   Para  1  above,  Viz.,  the  calims  for  reimbursement   of
expenditure  for  treatment in Government  Hospitals  within  the
State  which are accompanied by an Essentiality  Certificate  and
certificate of non-availability of medicines from the  Authorised
Medical  Attendant and when they are satisfied that the claim  is
in  accordance  with  the provisions in  Appendix-III  to  Andhra
Pradesh  Integrated Medical Attendance Rules, 1972, need  not  be
referred to Medical and Health Department for remarks/acceptance.
This applies to the cases referred by Heads of Departments to the
Administrative Departments of Secretariat also.
3.    However  as provided in the note under Para 2 (ii)  of  the
Appendix - III to the Integrated Medical Attendance Rules,  1972,
all   cases   requiring   Special  sanction   or   relaxation   ;
clarification  or interpretation of the State Medical  Attendance
Rules should be referred to this department invariably.
5.    Treatment underwent in the Appollo Hospital, Madras,  etc.,
for by-pass surgery, etc., - Certain instructions issued
   (G.O.Ms.No. 69/K1/89-1,, H.M. & F.W. Dept., Dt. 14-3-1989)
Ref. :- 1.  G.O.Ms.No. 317, M&H (Kl), Dt. 7-5-1986.
2.  G.O.Ms.No. 72, I&CAD (Irrigation Ser. II) Dept., Dt. 4-2-1988.
Order :-Certain instructions were issued in the Government  Order
1st cited in respect of availment of medical treatment for Kidney
transplantation and Coronory Bypass Surgery in private  hospitals
in the State by the Government employees. Government servants and
others entitled for treatment under the Medical Attendance Rules,
1972  were permitted to undergo Kidney transplantation  operation
in the Mahavir Hospital, Hyderabad and Coronory Bypass Surgery in
the  Durga Bai Desmukh Hospital, Andhra Mahila Sabha,  Hyderabad,
on the letter of advice given by the Authorised Medical Attendant
in  the  Osmania General Hospital/Nizams's Institute  of  Medical
Sciences,  Hyderabad respectively where the above operations  are
done. A condition was also stipulated in the G.O. first cited  to
the effect that those who obtain prior permission of the Director
of Medical Education, Kidney Transplantation and Coronory  Bypass
Surgery  will  be eligible for reimbursement  of  all  admissible
expenditure  including charges for accommodation and also for  an
advance  as  per  the estimate given by  the  concerned  hospital
undertaking the operation.
2.   Though the above facilities were extended to the  Government
employees  for  treatment, some of the Heads of  Departments  are
sending proposals to Government recommending for sanction of  the
claims  of  the  Government employees for  reimbursement  of  the
expenditure  incurred  by them for their treatment  for  Coronory
Bypass  Surgery  and  Kidney transplantation,  etc.,  in  private
hospitals, like Appollo, etc., outside the State in deviation  of
the  instructions  issued in the Government Order 1st  cited  and
though relevant instructions were issued from time to time.
3.   The Government after careful consideration have decided  not
to  reimburse the claims of the Government employees who  undergo
treatment  in Appollo Hospital, Madras or any other  institutions
outside  the  State or in Hyderabad hereafter, which are  not  in
accordance  with the instructions issued in the Government  Order
1st  cited unless specific prior permission is obtained from  the
6.  Medical treatment to Government Employees - Reimbursement  of
Medical expenditure incurred - Fixing the maximum ceiling to *Rs.
         [G.O.Ms.No. 281, H.M. & F.W. (K), Dt. 1-5-1989]
Note :-These orders as amended subsequently are applicable to the
non-teaching  staff  of all Universities in the  State  -Vide  of
G.O.Ms.No. 542, Edn., Dt. 20-11-1998.
Ref. :- \.  G.O.Ms.No. 170, M&H(K1), Dt. 14-3-1985.
Order  :-In the G.O. first read above, orders were issued  fixing
the  maximum  limit of */**Rs. 40,0007- to  Government  Employees
towards  reimbursement  of expenses incurred by them  on  medical
treatment, subject to the condition specified therein.
However,  several  instances  have  come to  the  notice  of  the
Government  to the effect that Government Employees are  claiming
huge  amounts  towards medical treatment beyond  the  permissible
ceiling limit of Rs. 40,0007- fixed by the Government.
Since  the  Government  is providing free  treatment  to  persons
belonging  to Weaker Sections of the society who are  green-card-
holders,  the Government after careful examination  have  decided
and  direct  that the maximum ceiling limit of  */**Rs.  40,0007-
(Rupees  forty thousand only) be fixed for the  State  Goveniment
employees  towards  their  medical  reimbursement,  whether  they
obtain  treatment in the State Government Hospitals, or in  other
States  in  India,  or outside India,  includes  Air  Passage  of
patient  and expenditure incurred towards Personal Attendant.  If
the  treatment  is  required abroad, or outside  the  State,  the
Authorised  Medical Attendant should certify to the  effect  that
there  is need for obtaining the treatment of the patient,  i.e.,
outside  the  State, or outside India and prior approval  of  the
Director  of Medical Education/Government in Health  Medical  and
Family  Welfare Department should also be obtained by the  person
who wants to obtain treatment outside the State, and outside  the
Country.  A certificate from the Director, Medical  Education  is
also  to be obtained by the Department concerned who process  the
claim putforth by the individual for sanction of the  expenditure
by  producing the bills/ vouchers to be reimbursed. These  orders
shall come into force with effect from 1-5-1989.
All  the  Departments  of  Secretariat  and  all  the  Heads   of
Departments  are  informed  that  any  claim  of  the  Government
Employees  for reimbursement of their medical expenditure  beyond
the  maximum limit of *Rs. 40,0007- as specified in Para 3  above
shall  not be entertained and they should issue  instructions  to
all their subordinates to follow these orders strictly.
7.    Medical  Treatment - Cardiac Surgery - Free  of  charge  to
members  of  public belonging to weaker  sections  in  Government
hospitals - Orders - Issued
     (G.O.Ms.No. 580, H.M. & F.W. (SCK) Dept, Dt. 30-9-1989)
Order :-Of late several requests are being made by the members of
public  directly  or though their representatives  for  financial
help  towards  payment of expenses on medical  treatment  and  on
cardiac surgery undertaken by certain hospitals under the control
of  the  Government where such facilities  are  available.  Govt.
depending  on  the eligibility of the person and  need  for  such
medical  treatment have been authorising the concerned  hospitals
for giving free treatment or for free cardiac surgery as the case
may  be  with a request to send necessary bills  to  the  Revenue
Department for effecting payment towards the cost of  consumable,
disposables from out of Chief Ministers Relief Fund.
As  requests for financial aid towards cardiac surgery  are  ever
increasing  and in order to rationalise the entire procedure  the
following guidelines are issued:
1.   All  requests  made by the members of  public  belonging  to
weaker  sections  of  society,  recommended  by  any  Department,
M.L.As., MPs, Ministers, etc., shall be forwarded for examination
by   the  Government  in  Health,  Medical  and  Family   Welfare
Department.   No  representations  made  by  any  individual   or
representatives of the patients shall be received by any hospital
either  for  examination  or for treatment free  of  cost  unless
specific orders are issued by the Government.
2.   The  applicant  requesting  free  medical  treatment/cardiac
surgery shall be a member of weaker sections of society and shall
possess a green ration card.
3.  The bonafides of the applicant requesting free treatment  for
his dependent shall be verified to ascertain that the dependent's
name figures in the green ration card possessed by him and is the
same person for whom medical treatment is sought.
4.  The beneficiary shall execute a bond on a five rupee  stamped
paper  (non-Judicial) to the effect that he/she is member of  the
family of the green ration card holder.
5.   The  applicant  shall  affix  a  passport  size  of   latest
photograph  of  the beneficiary/ dependent on the  righthand  top
corner of the applicant for and also enclose a xerox copy of  the
green ration card before sending to the Government.
6.   Government in Health, Medical and Family Welfare  Department
after  verifying  the application form and if it found  that  the
applicant  or  his  dependent fulfills all  conditions  for  free
medical  treatment/free Cardiac Surgery necessary orders will  be
issued  to  the hospitals under the control of  Government  where
such  facilities  are available for free  medical  treatment/free
cardiac  surgery  and only after issue of such orders  the  cases
shall  be admitted and given free treatment/surgery.  Expenditure
on  consumables/disposables,  if any shall be met  by  Government
from out of Chief Minister's Relief Fund.
7. The concerned hospitals where cardiac surgery is done free  of
Cost to any person on the orders of Government in Health, Medical
& Family Welfare Department, shall at the end of every month send
a  statement, quoting relevant references from the Government  in
Health,  Medical  and  Family Welfare  Department  of  Health  of
patients,  treatment  given,  surgery  conducted  and  the  costs
involved with regard to consumables or disposables to the Revenue
Department  for purposes of effecting necessary payment from  out
of  Chief  Minister's  Relief Fund under  intimation  to  Health,
Medical & Family Welfare Department.
8.   Medical Attendance - Issuing of letter of advice to  undergo
treatment  /  Open  Heart Surgery outside  the  State  -  Certain
Instructions Issued
    (Memo.No. 2113/K1/89-1, H.M. & F.W. Dept., Dt. 4-10-1989)
Order  :-It is observed that despite the instructions  issued  by
Govt. in Memo. No. 69/K1/89-1, HM&FW, dt. 14-3-89, the authorised
Medical  Attendant to hospitals on outside Govt.  Hospitals  have
indiscriminately  referred cases to hospitals outside  the  State
for  treatment/Surgery without referring such case in  the  first
instance   to  the  Govt.  Hospitals,  viz.,   Gandhi   Hospital,
Secunderabad,  Osmania  General Hospital,  Hyderabad  where  such
facilities are already available for such treatment or to Nizam's
Institute  of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad which is  a  "REFERRAL"
Hospital.  On account of this the department concerned have  been
placed  in embrassing situation, which lead to  with  unnecessary
correspondence with Government.
2.  Government have examined the matter carefully and direct that
all the authorised Medical Attendants should refer the cases that
come  to them for treatment/ surgery to Osmania  Genl.  Hospital,
Hyderabad, Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad or Nizam's Institute  of
Medical  Sciences, Hyderabad, of serious nature in any case  they
should not refer such cases to hospitals outside when  facilities
are  available  for such treatment/surgery  in  these  government
Hospitals  of  this State while issuing the letter of  advice  to
Nizam's  Institute  of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad,  they  should
certify  that  necessary facilities are not  available  in  their
Institutions.  They  should refer a  case  for  Treatment/surgery
outside the State only in consultation with Nizam's Institute  of
Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, and on obtaining a certificate  that
there are no facilities available in Nizam's Institute of Medical
3.   All the Medical Officers of the Hospitals, and  Dispensaries
in the State should adhere to the above orders scrupulously,  any
deviation of these instructions will be viewed seriously.
9.  Facilities of admission and treatment to the  pensioners  and
their   family   members  in  Super  Specialities   Hospitals   -
Reimbursement of medical expenditure incurred thereon
          [G.O.Ms.No. 401, HM & FW (Kl), Dt. 25-6-1991]
Ref. :- 1.   G.O.Ms.No. 35, M&H, Dt. 26-1-1981.
        2.  G.O.Ms.No. 718, M&H, Dt. 26-11-1981.
3.   From the Secretary, The Hyderabad  Pensioner's  Association,
Hyderabad, Ref. No. 28/B/89/HPA, Dt. 28-8-1989.
4.      From     the    Director    of     Medical     Education,
Lr.Rc.No.l6793/MA.C/89, Dt. 4-12-1989.
Order :- In the G.Os. first and second read above, it was ordered
among other that the retired Government Employees are entitled to
free  medical  treatment in all the Government Hospitals  in  the
State  and that they are not eligible to claim  reimbursement  of
medical expenses and for medicines purchased in the open  market,
if any, on the prescription of the Government Medical Officers.
2.   In the reference third read above, Secretary, the  Hyderabad
Pensioners Association, Hyderabad has represented that pensioners
are  likely  to  fall sick frequently due to their  old  age  and
require  medical  attention and that due to meagre  pension  they
cannot afford to spend huge amounts towards medical treatment. He
has  therefore  requested that free medical aid, in  all  General
Hospitals under the control of Government and Super  Specialities
Hospitals  including  Nizam's  Institute  of  Medical   Sciences,
Hyderabad, may be provided and necessary orders will be issued in
this regard.
3.   After  careful examination, the Government have  decided  to
provide medical treatment to all retired Government Employees and
their  dependents  on par with serving Government  Employees.  In
partial modification of the orders issued in the G.Os. first  and
second   read  above,  Government  hereby  direct  that   medical
treatment  provided  at Nizam's Institute  of  Medical  Sciences,
Hyderabad   to  the  retired  Government  Employees   and   their
dependents  on par with serving Government Employees  who  suffer
with  serious ailments of the Heart, Kidney, Brain Cancer or  any
other  disease or Surgery for which facilities are not  available
in   any  of  the  teaching  hospitals  in  the  State  and   for
reimbursement  of the cost of the treatment including  consumable
and  disposable  and  medicines direct to  Nizam's  Institute  of
Medical Sciences, Hyderabad subject however to a maximum limit of
Rs.  40,0007-  (Rupees  Forty  thousand  only)  or  as  fixed  by
Government from time to time as in the case of serving Government
Employees.  The  reimbursement shall not however, be  allowed  if
they have obtained treatment in any other private hospitals.  The
Nizam's  Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad shall  take  up
cases  only on authorisation by Authorised Medical  Attendant  of
any teaching hospitals as in the case of serving Govt. Employees.
The  Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad shall  take
up  treatment  direct to the pensioners upto the limit  fixed  by
Government  subject  to  scrutiny of the  bills  by  Director  of
Medical Education and claim reimbursement from Government.
4.   The  expenditure  on  this account shall  be  met  from  the
concerned Office/ Department from where the Pensioner worked last
and  retired on attaining the age of superannuation and shall  be
debited  to the "Salaries Head" as in the case of  regular  Govt.
5.  These orders shall come into force with effect from the  date
of issue of orders.
10. Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences - Medical treatment  of
Govt.   Employees  and  their  dependents  -   Reimbursement   of
expenditure - Simplification of procedure - Orders - Issued
           [G.O.Ms.No. 445, HM&FW(E2), Dt. 19-7-1991]
Ref. :-G.O.Ms.No. 609, HM&FW, Dt. 21-11-1988.
Order  :-1. The Government have, for sometime,  been  considering
simplification  of  the  procedure for  treatment  of  Government
Servants at the Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences.
The procedure has been outlined in the G.O. cited. Presently  the
Ni/am's  Institute  of Medical Sciences is regarded  as  referral
hospital subject to the following conditions :-
(a)    The  Nizam's  Institute  of Medical  Sciences  will  be  a
referral hospital other than for emergencies.
(b)   Referral  of  patients  to  Nizam's  Institute  of  Medical
Sciences  should be from the teaching hospital with the  approval
of the Head of the Departments/Speciality concerned.
(c)    The  referring  hospital  should  ensure  that  facilities
available  in  that  hospital are fully  utilised  in  the  first
instance ; and
(d)   The  referring hospitals should refer the  cases  with  all
details including a referral summary.
2.   Under the present procedure, the teaching hospitals  in  the
State  are  referring  cases  of  Government  Servants  requiring
specialised  treatment  to  the  Nizam's  Institute  of   Medical
Sciences  whenever  facilities are not available  with  them  for
treatment  of various ailments. The sanction of  expenditure  for
treatment  incurred at Nizam's Institute of Medical  Sciences  is
being regulated in terms of the provisions of the Andhra  Pradesh
Integrated  Medical Attendance Rules, 1972. These  rules  require
that the bills of Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences should be
scrutinised by the Director of Medical Education before  sanction
is accorded for payment by the concerned Heads of Departments.
3.  The above procedure has been found to be cumbersome and there
are  some cases of delay in the referral of even emergency  cases
to  Nizam's  Institute  of  Medical  Sciences  by  the   teaching
hospitals. The procedure of pre-scrutiny of bills by the Director
of Medical Education is also causing delays.
4.  After due consideration, it has been decided that  Government
Employees  or  their dependants can obtain treatment  at  Nizam's
Institute of Medical Sciences directly for the following ailments
("earmarked categories"). In respect of these cases, referral  by
a teaching hospital will not be required.
(a)  Acute Mycardial Infraction (Cardiology Department)
(b)  Acute renal failure (Nephrology Department)
(c)    Severe  cases  of head and  spinal  injury  (Neuro-Surgery
(d)  Cases of Coma (Neurology Department)
5.  With regard to the above earmarked categories, the  following
procedure shall be followed :-
(a)    The Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences need not  insist
on  advance payment by the Government Servants and  may  commence
treatment immediately taking into account the seriousness of  the
(b)   The Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences should prepare an
estimate  of  the approximate expenditure for the  treatment  and
hand  it over to the concerned Government Employee who,  in  turn
may  apply for advance to the concerned Head of  Department.  The
estimate of expenditure shall be calculated only with respect  to
items  reimbursable under the Andhra Pradesh  Integrated  Medical
Attendance Rules. This has to be ensured by Nizam's Institute  of
Medical  Sciences. After the advance is sanctioned the amount  of
advance shall be made over by the Head of Department directly  to
Nizam's  Institute  of Medical Sciences. Normally,  the  Head  of
Department  should ensure that the amount sanctioned  as  advance
reaches Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences within a period  of
15  days.  The  amount of advances drawn  shall  be  adjusted  by
preferring   claims  by  the  respective  departments  with   the
necessary certificates and vouchers.
(c)    Orders  delegating  powers to  Heads  of  Departments  for
drawing of advances are being issued separately.
(d)   It will no longer be necessary to get the bills  scrutinsed
by  the Director of Medical Education. The Nizam's  Institute  of
Medical  Sciences  shall take necessary steps to  scrutinise  the
bills  in accordance with the Andhra Pradesh  Integrated  Medical
Attendance Rules and forward them for payment to the Head of  the
Department concerned. The bills so sent must relate only to items
of  expenditure  admissible under the Andhra  Pradesh  Integrated
Medical Attendance Rules.
(e)   The Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences must make its own
arrangements  with the Government Employee concerned for  payment
with  regard  to  items  of expenditure in  the  bill  which  are
inadmissible   under  the  Andhra  Pradesh   Integrated   Medical
Attendance  Rules.  Likewise, the Nizam's  Institute  of  Medical
Sciences  must  make  its own arrangements  with  the  Government
Employee concerned for payment of bills in excess of Rs. 40,000/-
which is the limit for reimbursement of medical expenses  incured
by a Government Servant.
6.  With regard to any matter not covered by the above procedure,
the  provisions  of the G.O. cited shall continue  to  apply.  In
respect of the other cases, viz., cases not falling under any  of
the above earmarked categories, the existing instructions  issued
in the G.O. cited will continue to be in force.
11.  NIMS  -  Medical  treatment of  Govt.  employees  and  their
dependents  -Reimbursement  of expenditure  -  Simplification  of
procedure - Regarding
     (Letter No. 2706/K1/92-1, HM & FW Dept, Dt. 30-1-1992)
Ref. :- G.O.Ms.No. 445, HM & FW, Dt.  19-7-91.
Order  :-In the G.O. cited, orders have been  issued  identifying
the earmarked ailments one each in the Departments of Cardiology,
Nephrology,  Neuro-surgery and Neurology of Nizam's Institute  of
Medical  Sciences  in which the Government  employees  and  their
dependents have been permitted to approach the Nizam's  Institute
of Medical Sciences directly for the treatment without  reference
from teaching hospitals in the State. It is however noticed  that
the  cases  received  from other Departments  for  various  other
ailments,  the  Government  employees and  their  dependents  are
directly  approaching the Nizam's Institute of  Medical  Sciences
for  treatment  i.e., other than those  identified  as  mentioned
above  and others obtaining the estimates for the  treatment  and
approaching  the  government for sanction of  advance  to  obtain
treatment   or  for  reimbursement  for  the  treatment   already
obtained.  In  the Estimation Certificates/Bills  issued  by  the
Nizam's  Institute of Medical Sciences authorities, there  is  no
indication as to whether or not, the ailments for which treatment
is sought for or obtained are those identified for the  treatment
in Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences as provided in para 4 of
G.O.Ms.No.  445,  H.M. & F.W., Dt. 19-7-1991. In the  absence  of
such   information,  it  has  become  necessary  to  enter   into
correspondence  with  the Departments and  Nizam's  Institute  of
Medical Sciences tO  Obtain  the exact position  in terms of  the
aforesaid   orders  thereby resulting in delay in  settlement  of
medical  claims  of  the  employees  consequently  a  subject  of
2. With a view to avoid correspondence and consequential delay in
settlement    of    medical    claims    of    the     Government
employees/pensioners,  I  am directed to request  you  kindly  to
incorporate  in the estimation certificate to be sent or  on  the
medical  bills  to  be  given by  Nizam's  Institute  of  Medical
Sciences  to  the  Government  employees  or  retired  Government
employees,  as the case may be, a certificate whether or not  the
case  is covered by the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No. 445.  H.M.  &
F.W.,   dated  19-7-91  or  whether  it  meets  the   requirement
prescribed in G.O.Ms.No. 609, H.M. & F.W. dated 21-11.1988 (i.e.,
reference  to  Nizam's  Institute  of  Medical  Sciences  from  a
Teaching Hospital).
12.  Sanction of Medical Advance for Medical treatment  of  Govt.
Employees and their dependants in NIMS, Hyd. for certain  serious
diseases  -  Delegation  of powers to Heads  of  Departments  for
sanction of Advance - Orders Issued.
               [G.O.Ms.No. 86, F&P, Dt. 1-6-1992]
Ref. :- 1.  G.O.Ms.No. 609, HM&FW (E2), Dt. 21-11-1988.
        2.  G.O.Ms.No. 445, HM&FW (E2), Dt. 19-7-1991.
        3.  G.O.Ms.No. 184, HM&FW (Kl), Dt. 2-4-1992.
Order :-In the G.O. 1st read above, Government have issued orders
declaring  Nizam's  Institute  of Medical  Sciences  as  referral
Hospital subject to the following conditions :-
1.  The Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences will be a  referral
Hospital other than for emergencies.
2.   Reference  of  patients  to  Nizam's  Institute  of  Medical
Sciences should be from the Teaching Hospitals with the  approval
of the Head of the Department/Speciality concerned.
3.   The  referring  hospitals  should  ensure  that   facilities
available  in  that  hospitals are fully utilised  in  the  first
4.   The  referring  hospitals should refer the  cases  with  all
details including a referral summary.
5.  The patients should be clearly informed that taking up of the
case by the Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences is dependent on
the  availability  of accommodation and other facilities  in  the
Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences.
2.  In consideration of the difficulties being experienced by the
beneficiaries and also the delay involved in setting the  medical
claims,  it  has  been decided to delegated  the  powers  to  the
concerned  Heads of Departments for sanction of Medical  advances
to  the employees working under their administrative  control  in
respect of the following diseases without referral by  Authorised
Medical Attendant vide orders issued in G.O. 2nd read above.
(a)   Acute Myocardial In Infraction (Cardiology Department)
(b)  Acute renal failure (Nephrology Department)
(c)    Severe  cases  of head and  spinal  injury  (Neuro-Surgery
(d)  Cases of Coma (Neurology Department)
3.   The medical claims of State Government Employees covered  by
A.P.I.M.A. Rules, 1972 can be broadly categorised into :
(i)    Claims    preferred    against    treatment    in    Govt.
Hospitals/Referral Hospitals/ Recognised Hospitals.
(ii)  Claims preferred against treatment in unrecognised  Private
(iii)  Calims  preferred  against treatments  in  NIMS  who  were
admitted  direct without reference by the A.M.A. under  emergency
circumstances  to undergo treatment for the diseases noted  under
Para 2 above.
4.   At present in respect of the claims noted against Items  (i)
and  (iii)  under  Para 3 above, Government is  vested  with  the
powers  of sanction of medical advances to  Government  Employees
and  their dependents towards medical expenditure incurred  while
undergoing treatment for certain diseases.
5.  In respect of claims preferred by the individuals either  for
sanction  of advance or for reimbursement of medical  expenditure
incurred   for  treatment  undergone  in   unrecognised   Private
Hospitals   the  Government  would  not  entertain  such   claims
6.  After due consideration, it has been decided to delegate  the
powers to Heads of Departments concerned for sanction of  medical
advance   to  Government  Employees  and  their  dependents   and
settlement  of  final bills for undergoing treatment in  NIMS  in
respect  of  cases referred to under G.O.Ms.No. 445,  HM&FW  (E2)
Dept., Dt. 19-7-91 subject to the following conditions :-
(a)   the maximum amount should not exceed Rs.  50,000/- and  the
expenditure incurred over and above Rs. 50,000/- should be  borne
by the individual.
(b)   The  Head of the Department should ensure that  the  amount
sanctioned  as  advance  shall  be  paid  to  NIMS  by  means  of
Cheque/Draft  within  15  days  from  the  date  of  receipt   of
estimation of the expenditure from the NIMS.
(c)   The advance drawn and paid to the NIMS shall be adjusted by
preferring claims by the concerned Head of the Department  within
3  months  from  the date of drawal  of  advance  with  necessary
certificates and vouchers prescribed in A.P.I.M.A. Rules, 1972.
(d)  The claim sent by the NIMS must relate only to the items  of
expenditure admissible under the A.P.I.M.A. Rules, 1972.
(e)    The bills need not be sent to the D.M.E. for scrutiny  and
the  claim  be admitted based on  the  admissibility  certificate
issued by NIMS.
7.   If a Government Servant seeks admission in NIMS vide  orders
issued  in  G.O.Ms.No. 609, H&M, Dt. 21-11-1988 the Head  of  the
Department  is competent to sanction advances and also the  final
bill  following  the  conditions mentioned in Para  6  above.  In
addition  he shall ensure that the patient is preferred to  NIMS,
Hyderabad by the Authorised Medical Attendant. The A.M.A. of  the
Teaching  Hospitals  with  the  approval  of  the  Heads  of  the
Departments/Specialists  of the Hospital alone have to refer  the
cases   to   NIMS.   Other   Heads   of   Departments   of    any
mofusall/Headquarters or City Hospitals who are not the Heads  of
Departments/Specialists  of the Teaching Hospitals would  not  be
reckoned as Authorised Medical Attendants, competent to refer the
cases  to NIMS covered vide order issued in G.O.Ms.No. 609,  M&H,
dated 21-11-1988.
8.  Where the authority referring the cases to NIMS is not deemed
as Authorised Medical Attendant, such cases are to be referred to
Government  for  relaxation  of A.P.I.M.A. Rules, in  HM  &  F.W.
Dept.,  and Finance and Planning (FW) Department for  concurrence
and  for  relaxation  of  A.P.I.M.A.  Rules.  The  Head  of   the
Department is not empowered to sanction advance if relaxation  of
A.P.I.M.A. Rules is involved.
9.   The  Government extend the facility  available  for  Central
Government Servant wherein a member of the family can also  apply
and  draw the advance when the Government Servant  is  critically
ill and hospitalised so as the avoid inconvenience. In such cases
the wife or a legal heir of the Government Employee shall  submit
an  application  for  sanction  of advance to  the  Head  of  the
Department  under  whom  the  employee is  working  in  case  the
employee is critically ill and cannot sign the application.  This
facility is available to all Government Servants who avail of the
facilities  in the NIMS, Hyderabad under G.O.Ms.No. 445,  H.M.  &
F.W.  (E2) Dept, dated 19-7-1991 and G.O.Ms.No.609, H.M.  &  F.W.
(E2) Department, dated 21-11-1988.
10.  The advance sanctioned shall be debited to the Service  Head
of Account to which the' pay and other allowances of the employee
are being debited.
13.  Provision of Corrective Glasses and Hearing Aids -  Fixation
of limit of expenditure for reimbursement - Orders - Issued
          [G.O.Ms.No. 276, HM & FW (Kl), Dt. 11-5-1993]
Ref. :- 1.  G.O.Ms.No.175, HM & FW, Dt. 7-3-1990.
        2.  Govt. Memo. No. 2118/K1/90-1, Dt. 28-4-1990.
3.  From the Director of Medical Education, Lr.No. 14845/MA B/90,
Dt. 23-8-1990.
Order :-In the Government Order 1st cited above orders have  been
issued to amend the Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical  Attendance
Rules, 1972. As per this amendment the cost of Artificial  Limbs,
Hearing  Aids, Corrective Glasses, Artificial Teeth  and  Invalid
Chatirs  are  reimbursable  to  the  eligible  patients  who  are
entitled to the facilities for sanction of medical reimbursement.
2.   Government after careful reconsideration of the above  order
issued  in G.O.Ms.No. 175, HM & PW, dated 7-3-1990  hereby  order
the cancellation of G.O.Ms.No. 175, HM&FW, dated 7-3-1990.
3.  All existing claims which have been received pursuant to  the
issue of G.O.Ms.No. 175, HM&FW, dated 7-3-1990 will be settled by
30-6-1993.  These  existing  claims  should  pertain  to   claims
received in pursuance of G.O.Ms. No. 175, HM &FW, dated 7-3-1990,
till the date of the cancellation of the Government Order.
4.   For settlement of the existing claims received  pursuant  to
issue  of  G.O.Ms.No. 175, HM & FW, dated 7-3-1990 the  scale  at
which the settlements have to be made has been considered by  the
Government  and  after taking into  consideration  the  proposals
received from the Director of Medical Education the Govt.  hereby
decide that the maximum expenditure eligible for reimbursement to
the Government Employees and their family members for  settlement
of  the  existing claims preferred by them before issue  of  this
Government Order will be as follows :-
(i)  Corrective Eye Glasses            Rs.200/-(Rupees two
     inclusive of frame                hundred only)
(ii) Hearing Aids-All types            Rs.300/-(Rupees three
                                       hundred only)
(iii) Hearing Aids-All types           Rs.1,500/-(Rupees one
                                       thousand five hundred
(iv) Dentures :
    (a)  Complete Denture              Rs.300/- (Rupees three
         Rehabilitation                hundred only)
         (Upper and Lower Jaw)
    (b)  Single complete denture       Rs.150/- (Rupees one
         prosthesis against natural    hundred and fifty only)
         detention (only upper
         Lower Jaw)
    (c)  Bilateral Partial edentulous  Rs.50/- (Rupees fifty
         condition Glass-I             only)
         (Replacement of single teeth)
    (d)  Crown- acrylic JC/Dowel       Rs.50/- (Rupees fifty
         Dowel Crown                   only)
    (e)  Crown Porcelain.              Rs.150/- (Rupees one
                                       hundred and fifty only)
5.    Necessary  order  amending the  Andhra  Pradesh  Integrated
Medical  Attendance  Rules, 1972 in this regard  will  be  issued
14.  Medical  Attendance  to State Government  employees  at  Sri
Venkateswara  Institute  of  Medical  Sciences,  Tirupathi   with
eligibility for reimbursement / medical advance - Orders - Issued
       (G.O.Ms.No. 544, H.M. & F.W. Dept., Dt. 9-11-1993)
Ref. :- 1.  G.O.Ms.No. 445, H.M. & F.W. Dept., Dt.  19-7-1991.
        2.   G.O.Ms.No. 184, H.M. & F.W. Dept., Dt. 2-4-1992.
        3.   G.O.Ms.No. 86, Fin. & Pig. (FW) Dept., Dt.  1-6-1992.
Order :-The medical attendance to State Government employees  and
their  dependent family members is governed by the provisions  of
Andhra  Pradesh Medical Attendance Rules, 1972. As an  additional
facility  orders were issued in the Government Orders first  read
above  allowing them to obtain treatment at Nizam's Institute  of
Medical  Sciences  directly without reference  in  the  following
medical  situations  with eligibility for  reimbursement  of  the
admissible expenditure therefore or for advance with reference to