Government Colleges
Sl.No Name of the Government Medical Colleges
1 Govt. Medical College, Srikakulam
2 Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam
3 Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada
4 Siddartha Medical College, Vijayawada
5 Guntur Medical College,Guntur
6 Govt. Medical College, Ongole
7 Govt. Medical College, Nellore
8 S.V.Medical College, Tirupathi
9 Govt. Medical College, Kadapa
10 Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool
11 Govt. Medical College, Ananthapur
12 Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Vijayawada
13 Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Kadapa
14 Govt. Medical College, Vizianagaram
15 Govt. Medical College, Rajamahendravaram
16 Govt. Medical College, Eluru
17 Govt. Medical College, Machilipatnam
18 Govt. Medical College, Nandyal
Government General Hospitals
Sl.No Name of the Hospital
1 Govt. General Hospital, Srikakulam
2 King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam
3 Govt. General Hospital, Kakinada
4 Govt. General Hospital, Vijayawada
5 Govt. General Hospital, Guntur
6 Govt. General Hospital, Ongole
7 DSR Govt. General Hospital,   Nellore
8 Govt. General Hospital, Kadapa
9 Govt. General Hospital, Kurnool
10 SVRRGGH Tirupathi
11 Govt.General Hospital, Ananthapur
12 Govt. Maternity Hospital, Tirupathi
13 Victoria Hospital for W&C Visakhapatnam
14 Regional Eye Hospital, Kurnool
15 Govt. Hospital for Chest & CD, Visakhapatnam
16 Govt. Hospital for Mental Care, Visakhapatnm
17 RCD Hospital, Visakhapatnam
18 Regional Eye Hospital, Visakhapatnam
19 Govt. Fever Hospital, Guntur
20 Govt. ENT Hospital, Visakhapatnam
21 Govt. Hospital, Mangalagiri
22 Govt. General Hospital, Mangalagiri
23 Govt. General Hospital, Vizianagaram
24 Govt. General Hospital, Rajamahendravaram
25 Govt. General Hospital, Eluru
26 Govt. General Hospital, Machilipatnam
27 Govt. General Hospital, Nandyala