1) Appendix -A, Point No.I is deleted, as the facility is within the campus, there is no need to arrange transport.
2) Dismantling of already installed dual slice old C.T. Scanner to be done as per AERB guidelines by the selected service provider at its own cost.
3) The Bidder is expected to visit the site and confirm for the space and building requirements
4) Eligibility Criteria Clause 2 to be read as : The Bidder shall have adequate experience in carrying out similar type of assignment i.e. CT Scan /MRI in private or public sector, with a minimum of 3000 CT/MRI images in last three years in one/many centre.
5) Eligibility Criteria Clause 3 to be read as : The bidder shall have a minimum of one CT/MRI scan centre functioning for last three years.
6) In support of this, a statement regarding assignments successfully completed during last three years should be submitted as per proforma in Appendix 'C'.
7) The requirement for providing Users' certificate is deleted
8) Wherever there is 64 slice it should be read as 16 slice.