Road Safety Measures

                     Studies have shown that road accidents are a major factor of mortality.  As the cause  temporary or permanent infirmity , road accidents create plenty of personal, family and even social problems. To  reduce incidence of  road accidents, top priority has to be accorded to prevention.

Some of the Preventive Measures are :
bullet Avoiding alcohol before driving prevents road traffic accidents.
bullet The use of remediation therapy for drink driving offenders will reduce the number that reoffend.
bullet A far more extensive use of random breath testing, accompanied by a high level of publicity will lead to a reduction in injuries. To be most effective breath testing should be intensive and applied to everybody at a checkpoint and not depend on "due cause".
bullet Strategies that increase the use of seat belts or child restraints will result in fewer injuries.
bullet Stricter enforcement of speed limits will result in fewer injuries. The overall contribution of speed to accidents is not known but is widely quoted to be one third of all fatalities.
bullet Roadside guardrails (crash barriers) and crash cushions will reduce injury severity.
bullet Safer design of roads and roadside environments will result in fewer injuries.
bullet Area wide traffic management schemes should be targeted at areas with high injury rates and will reduce pedestrian injury rates
bullet Road safety education for children will lead to a reduction in injuries
bullet Strategies to increase the wearing of cycle helmets will reduce the incidence of head injury.